ICO OKOIN - Virtual Reality adult content in the Blockchain

ICO OKOIN - https://okoin.io/
The first platform in the world, intended for the decentralized distribution of 18+ content in VR format, OKOIN, launches its ICO on December 14, 2017. The main goal of the project is to create its own crypto currency, which allows users to buy content for adults and services with 100% anonymity, without any restrictions established by lawmakers of any country.

At the heart of the project is an autonomous virtual reality set VR OKO, developed by the Czech company VR Technology. The device is designed for viewing interactive movies for adults, where the user controls the perspective, zoom level and viewpoints. To date, the video library of the project includes more than 500 films from more than 40 different genres.
Roman Pavlovich, CEO of VR Technology: according to statistics, more than a third of the total Internet traffic in the world is associated with adult content. This is regardless of the fact that many countries have introduced legislation restricting the distribution of this content. That's why we launch our ICO, so anyone who wants can buy 18+ content and services for crypto-currency with 100% anonymity.
ICO Summary
• Target: the equivalent of $ 80 million.
• Start: December 14, 2017, 12:00 PM PDT
• ICO works for 30 calendar days
• Name of the token: OKOIN (not a currency)
• Problem: 240 million tokens without additional emission
• Starting price of the token: US $ 1.
• Minimum purchase volume: 1 token
• Maximum purchase volume: 350,000 tokens
• Accepted currency: Etherium
OKOIN is the OKO's own currency. Decentralized market exclusively for trade in goods and services of adults.
You can access the platform through your VR (Virtual Reality) headset, and their movies, chats and games are created for this media.
So be ready to experience and enjoy adult content in a completely new and exciting way !!!
Now in the adult industry there are many problems that could be fixed in the block chain.
. First of all, it will allow the anonymity of anyone who trades on the platform.
He will protect the intellectual property of anyone who participates, and with the help of smart contracts no one will be excluded from the distribution of royalties.
It will be decentralized and not regulated in the same way as conventional channels.
He will bring the average person out of the picture and leave only suppliers and consumers to enjoy and profit from the platform
The platform will allow you to get content to anyone anywhere in the world, this will encourage the creation of more interactive content VR, as well as provide support for the crowd for both suppliers and consumers.
Basically, users will be able to offer their coins to receive the project, and as soon as it is paid royalties, for early investors.
So, now you can not only enjoy the content for adults, but also help to receive it and receive a portion of the profits from it. Only this I think is brilliant and powerful, as well as long-term investments.
So this is a review of the company and its purpose, as well as a disclaimer. I am NOT a financial advisor, and you must do your own research before investing. However, as a personal opinion and investor in the project, I believe in long-term potential, and I think this can do very well, after all ... This is the virtual reality of Porn ... In Blockchain !!!
So now let's see how ICO works, giving it just a couple of days:
As you can see in the image above, the price of the token has grown from $ 1 to $ 2.7, and the minimum investment amount is only 1 token, so there is practically no entry price.
Most tokens are available on sale (35%).
Although some of them are reserved for the team, and some key partners (30% of everything),
25% are reserved for the development of the ecosystem.
And there is also a 2% reserve, found only in case for emergencies
It looks pretty normal, since you can find a lot of ICO with the same percentage. I like that many tokens will be used to develop the platform, as it will determine whether the company (and finally the token) will ultimately succeed.
I also think that 15% for key partners is a good step, because the platform will attract users only if it has quality content on it, and the right incentive will make it much easier.
Since the platform will receive more users, it will also attract advertisers, and in order for them to promote their proposals, they will have to buy OKOIN, creating more demand and raising the price, bringing profit to investors and suppliers. This will create more funds for investment in projects that will attract more users.
Thus, a good cycle can appear, when the growth of the platform can become exponential, and, of course, as always, those who got there early will receive the greatest benefit.