ICO Flixxo - Top Five Benefits for Using

ICO Flixxo — Top Five Benefits for Using

ICO Flixxo — Top Five Benefits for Using https://flixxo.com/
Without any sign of doubt, video is the most popular and the most efficient type of content available on the internet now. Videos are really easy to watch, simple to share and really eye-catching. Estimates show that hundreds of millions of dollars are invested by large social networks to create original video content. Studies prove that by 2020, more than 80% of the internet traffic will consist of video. However, until now, video sharing belonged only to a few platforms — the main reason being the enormous costs caused by storage and bandwidth.
The new video distribution platform
Unlike other social media network or video streaming services, Flixxo allows all users to share any video content, directly from their devices — moreover, it allows them to pay only for the content that they actually choose. The platform shares videos over the network using Bittorrent protocol and introduces the use of tokens for a better interaction.
Flixx is the name of the token that will be used to motivate members to improve the network by lending their storage and their bandwidth, in exchange for tokens. All social activities inside Flixxo will cause users to gain tokens — moreover, users will not pay monthly subscriptions but will only pay for the content that they wish to watch. This will lead to a incentivized peer-to-peer network that is not constrained by structural costs or scaling.
Five reasons to be part of Flixxo
  1. Available from any type of device, from all over the world
    Flixxo is presented as an app for smartphones and tablets, but will also be available for online use, on streaming services and on Smart TVs.
  2. Fast and easy to browse
    Similar to any streaming service, Flixxo will help its members along the way and also explain the way the Flixx token can be used.
  3. Incentives available for distributors and content creators
    Soon after its launch, Flixxo will offer encourage authors and users alike.
  4. A fresh gaming experience
    The new network will offer all sorts of rewards (tokens, movie tickets, etc) for the users that actively take part in Flixxo — this activities may consist in good behaviour, getting a certain amount of shared videos, inviting friends, posting material that is popular, etc. All this social interaction will create a better, more attractive community.
  5. Friendly to non crypto currency users
    Everyone will be able to join Flixxo and be part of this new market, that will allow exchange of tokens (or virtual money) and all sorts of payments.
Flixxo team
Find out more about the Flixxo team, the blockchain and the decentralized payments, the legal content, types of content, the design of the platform and the allocation of funds by visiting the official website at www.flixxo.com. Also, be sure to check out the whitepaper to understand more about the token presale and the crowdsale, by accessing http://www.flixxo.com/assets/docs/flixxo-white-paper_v0.3.pdf
Flixxo is an ERC20 standard token, with a fixed supply at the beginning of the allocation event.