ICO WIRELINE Investment Stock Modern Business Applications

ICO WIRELINE Investment Stock Modern Business Applications 
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Wireline a startup based in New York and founded by a veteran software infrastructure engineer with Google advisors, IBM, Amazon, and Salesforce - developed this platform using proven and currently used technology by businesses around the world.
Wireline Token Sale will form the largest open source developer fund for this ecosystem seed.
The Wireline solution series unlocks the full potential of the microservice service. The revolutionary aspect of this product is the Wireline market, the Exchange App, where the best-in-class components, components and professional services are traded in a frictionless environment.
In addition to providing frictionless paths to IT organizations, Wireline will democratize the use of powerful new technologies - from AI to Predictive Analytics to Blockchain - by providing an interface for them in the modern enterprise.

More complete can visit the Website

If you are not too familiar with the exchange market, it is advisable to start with minimal capital / small first. The goal if one step, the losses suffered is not too large. Another goal is for the learning process. You need to get used to it.
  Several types of altcoin to divide the risk. Having lots of stocks has a smaller risk of loss than buying just one type of stock. If one stock goes down, it is likely that another stock may go up.

You need to know how to analyze stocks to determine the decision to sell or buy shares. There are two common ways of analysis, namely Technical Analysis, and Technical Analysis.
  The stock market is very risky in the short term due to fluctuations. But it will be safer in the long run. The longer the investment, the greater the rate of profit. Based on the history of the stock market, it is evident that if we invest in stocks in the long run, then the opportunity to gain profit of 75 %% is in front of the eye.

Wireline token sales will provide funds for seeds
Platform Whereas, given the funding gap usually
Experienced by open source development project, it is
It may not be possible to create such a community without
Innovation sales token. Token will be sold
Use it on the Wireline platform to build a development
Funds to be used to build ecosystems. Wireline
The Developer Fund will provide resources for expansion
From the platform, such as important software modules
To embed the market; That will give an opportunity
For developers to monetize existing and new classes

I can not explain in more detail here if you want to know more about Wireline directly to its WebsiteBitcointalk (ANN) or Whitepaper.

For the bounty program, Wireline has ordered 5,400,000 Token WRL. All these WRL tokens will be fully distributed among Wireline gift campaign participants. Because the number of participants is unknown, the WRL token will be allocated, based on a predetermined amount for each prize campaign.

Bounty distribution:

Signature campaign: 25% (1,350,000 WRL)
Translation campaign: 20% (1,080,000 WRL)
Social media campaigns: 35% (1.89 million WRL)
Campaign blog: 15% (8,10,000 WRL)
Meetup Campaign: 5% (2.70.000 WRL)

If we get less than 50 participants in the campaign until the end of the sale of the crowd, we will reduce the funds to half of each campaign, except for the Meetup campaign.
Just go to the forum, Bitcointalk Bounty.

To find more information, you can visit the link below :


Username : cryptobits3