Beaxy - Review ICO and BOUNTY - Safe Crypto exchange - "all-in-one"

ICO Beaxy - - Safe and convenient exchange of crypto-currencies 

Beaxy is a crypto currency exchange, the purpose of which is to create a convenient, safe "all-in-one" platform that helps to facilitate a world in which crypto-currencies are also available , like the currency fiat. Beaxy hopes to play a key role in this expedition, laying the framework for what should be in the exchange of "all-in-one."
Beaxy was originally created in mid-2017, when its founders discussed the problems associated with the exchange of crypto-currencies. They understand that there are many obstacles to entering and navigating the bursa, this is a problem - even for experienced investors - so they plan to create a universal exchange in which everyone will participate from beginner to professional.
Our vision is to create a convenient, secure "all-in-one" platform that helps to facilitate a world in which crypto currencies can be accessed as currency currencies. Beaxy hopes to play an important role in this expedition, laying the groundwork for an all-in-one exchange.
Our mission is to provide many tools, news articles, training tools and financial services to help all users, from beginners to experienced traders, make informed decisions in this rapidly changing environment.
The problem with the current exchange of crypto-currencies
Although the Crypto-currency has already surpassed the stock in the trading volume, the exchange of crypto-currencies is nowhere as easy to use, safe or reliable as most exchange, currency and commodity exchanges.
This is a function of both the relative novelty of the crypto-currency market and the absence of a centralized governing body for crypto-currency. Enterprising hackers and corrupt exchanges make embezzlement, fraud and theft of real problems for most traders.
It's not an easy task to specify the best exchange for cryptresources that will meet all your needs and understand all the problems associated with crypto-converters. You should consider a number of parameters to judge and find out the best bitcoyne / crypto currency exchange:
How secure is the site and server?
High liquidity.
Structure of the commission for the transaction, for example, fixed fees, interest rates and spreads.
Is the exchange of transparent transaction data, prices and volumes of coins?
How much and which currency pairs are available for Bitcoin trading, for example, US dollars, euros and other currencies issued by Fiat / Government, or Altcoins?
Convenience. And one of the best beginners will be Beaxy!
Benefits of Beaxy
Each registered user of Beaxy will be able to use our referral program. If you refer to a friend, you will receive 10% of their transaction fees for their entire account. Those who join through the referral code will receive a platinum account (20% discount on trading fees) for a 2-month period. When you help us grow, everyone wins.
Any referrals confirmed during the demonstration will also be applied to your account when the live platform is first launched. This will allow you to benefit from the treatment of new users, without waiting for our full launch. If you want to continue experiments with our demonstration, the system will remain in effect after the completion of the ICO. This will allow our users to try Beaxy before making a real deposit.
In addition to our referral program, we will also start the Loyalty Remuneration Program. This system is designed to encourage users who hold BXY on our exchange. Holders will receive 20% of fees, depending on the amount of BXY they hold. All you need to do to use this program is to save your BXY tokens on our stock exchange.

The best features of Beaxy
These are not all the features that will be present on the Beaxy platform, and some of our highlights:
Loyalty program: Users who own BXY on our platform will receive a fee of 20% of the transaction fees generated by the exchange. This will be distributed to all owners of BXY. We strive to provide an excellent experience for crypto traders all over the world, and we want to reward you for being loyal to us.
Coin : if you close your tokens on our stock exchange, you will get a discount of up to 25%. This can be used in tandem with our other function, which offers a 50% discount on commissions when using BXY. So, if you decide to put your tokens and pay commissions from BXY, you can get the maximum discount of 62.5% on all trades! **
24/7 Support : We want to be the champion of customer support exchanges. All tickets will be answered within 24 hours. In the future, we plan to offer support for Live Chat and will serve at least 3 separate offices around the world to compensate for the difference in time zones.
Referral program : allows users to invite friends and relatives and receive 10% of their transaction fees for their entire account. The recalled user will receive a lower commission for a limited period (60 days) - a win-win for both parties. We know that some exchanges offered referral programs only to change their model on the road. We pledge never to reduce the referral commission that you receive.
Deposits in Fiat : Instant deposits will also be available for approved accounts! This amount will be unique for each user and is determined by our risk management team.
Beaxy will become a universal store for all your needs in the field of crypto currency trading. Our intuitive user interface will allow you to trade both in cryptographic and in fiat currencies. As the transparent Beaxy logo assumes, our user interface will be smooth and elegant for the user, but it will contain many complex mechanisms inside. Simple but powerful.
Why Beaxy? 
Simple and intuitive design, ideal for beginners 
Smart platform for professional investors, with high financial capabilities 
Beaxy is designed with security in mind. This is an extremely important component of any exchange and is our number one priority. 
Also because we see that other exchanges fail. We want to improve this.

Pre-sale details : June 1, 2018. 
Public ICO: June 15, 2018. 
Total delivery: 100 million. 
Softcap: 5 million. USA. 
Hardcap: $ 30 million. USA.
Road map
Our team
Just as decentralization is a key aspect of critical critical state, it is also an important component of our company. With team members from many time zones around the world, we are all proud that we can create the Beaxy platform.

The Beaxy Official Bounty Program

We hare happy to announce the Beaxy Official Bounty Program

4% of the total supply  will be allocated to the Beaxy Bounty Program

The program will run until the end of the token sale, the distribution will happen within 30 days after this date.

Bounty Allocation

Campaign 1 : Bitcointalk Signature - 35%

Campaign 2 : Translation & Moderation - 30%

Campaign 3 : Content Creation - 30%

Campaign 4 : Twitter - 5%

General Terms

-  All bounty participants are required to join the Beaxy's Telegram group :
- The bounty campaigns starts at the moment of creation of this thread
- 4% is allocated to the bounty, the amount of rewards will depend on the token sale results
- The Bounty Manager can make slight changes, except on the tokens allocation for each bounty category that will stay the same, in the Bounty Campaign if deemed necessary
- If your rank change during the campaign, PM the Bounty Manager Aerys2
- Using multi-accounts, cheating, using someone else to do the work and spamming or any kind of unethical behavior when participating to one of the campaigns are not allowed and will get you disqualified from all bounties.
- We reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of rules from each bounty  at any time without prior notice and you accept and agree to the changes. It is your responsibility to check these Terms periodically for changes.

_______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Bitcointalk Signature

Stakes allocation for each rank :
Full Member: 4 stakes/day
Sr Member: 6 stakes/day
Hero/Legendary: 10 stakes/day

Instructions to participate :

- Add the signature corresponding to your rank level and the avatar and personal text
- Fill out this Google form

Rules :
- Participants have to be at least Full Member, do not apply if you are not at least Full Member- Signature, avatar and personal have to be kept until the end of the token sale (you will be notified on this thread when you can remove it, do not remove it until further instructions )
- A minimum of 20 valid posts on two weeks(at least 10 each week) must be made. Off-topic, twitter reports and spam will not be counted
- Posts must have a minimum length of 70 characters and not be report posts made in other bounty threads
- Posts are counted every sunday/monday of the second week ( UTC?5 )
- If you rank changes during the campaign, notify me.
- Accounts with negative trust from DT-2 or DT-1 are not allowed to enroll
- Posts in local sections are allowed
- This Signature Bounty is limited to 100 participants only !

Check your participation status here

Translation and moderation

Stakes for each task :

Announcement thread translation : 100 stakes 
Whitepaper translation : 1000 stakes 
Post from the thread author with a relevant news shared ( check for news on the official  twitter/telegram/thread/ website for official news) : 20 stakes

Bonus if your thread has more than 1000 views :   200 stakes 
Bonus if your thread has more than 2000 views :   100 stakes 

Instructions to participate :
- Fill out this Google form
- Notify in this thread when your translation is done, providing a link of the translation.

- A single post dead thread will get you disqualified and you may have a 50% penalty for very rare updates.
- One reservation per person
- First come does not necessary mean first served, translators will be chosen at the sole discretion of the bounty manager
- Google Translator ( or other similar tools) work, bad quality work will get you disqualified, apply only if you are able to provide a high quality translation in the requested language.
- Will be counted only the posts bringing a relevant and new update, no spam or repeated unnecessary posts allowed.
- You have to provide an answer for any questions asked in your local thread, contact the team if you have doubts about an answer.
- Translations have to be posted only on Bitcointalk, no other forums.
- Wait for your approval in green to begin the work
- You have 6 days to finish your Ann translation and 2 weeks for the WhitePaper from the moment you fill out the form, you will get disqualified if you don't respect the deadline for the Ann.
- You have to post a link to the official ann thread and official bounty thread on your local thread.

Ann thread :

Whitepaper :

Check your participation status here


Stakes depending on the followers :

500-1000 followers : 3 stakes for 1 valid month
1000-3000 followers : 5 stakes for1 valid month
3000-10000 followers : 8 stakes for 1 valid month 
+10000 followers : 12 stakes for 1 valid month 
+20000 followers : 16 stakes for 1 valid month 

Instructions to participate :
- Follow the Beaxy's twitter and then retweet their tweets
- Fill out this Google form with your actual followers number
- You have to retweet a minimum of 30 tweets per month to be eligible to get stakes for the month and no more than 5 per days 
- Report your retweets every month in these forms to get the stakes  :

March ( reports have to be sent on the 02/04 maximum)
April ( reports have to be sent on the 02/05 maximum)
May ( reports have to be sent on the 02/06 maximum)
June ( reports have to be sent on the 02/07 or 7 days after the end of the bounty maximum)

- Any report from any person who did not fill the initial form of participation will not be counted.- List all your tweets together with a number from 1 to 30 when you fill the form to be eligible for the month- If you don't fill out the form every month, your participation will be disqualified.
- Your report has to be sent no later than 2 days after the end of the month.
- You have to be at least Newbie to participate.
- The followers number is fixed and won't be changed after you filled out the form.
- Do not retweet tweets that are answers to other users.
- Don't fill the form twice, someone who fills the form twice will get disqualified !
- 500 participants maximum, once this number is reached, the form will be closed for new participants, unless other participants are removed from the listDo not retweet everything in 1-2 days, retweets must be regular or you might be disqualified

Check your participation status here

For more information Follow us here:
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ICO Streamity - Review

ICO Streamity - Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange -

The Streamdesk platform is a service designed to convert crypto-currency into a fiat form of money without the participation of intermediaries. The payment system can be used anywhere in the world. It should be noted that due to the use of smart contracts, all means of the User platform are securely protected. For the buyer, the protection is blocked by the seller's crypto-branded smart contracts, which is automatically removed on the fact of the transfer of fiat currency by the buyer to the seller. Similarly, for a seller - when the buyer does not transfer it to him at the specified time fiat money, then the lock is removed from the smart contract and the seller returns his crypto currency. The platform works on the blockchain technology, which also means its security.
Streamity is based in Singapore and is a legal entity that has set up a P2P platform with the name "Streamdesk". Users of the platform are individuals. The company has a large staff of highly skilled workers, developers of the platform and provide its full-fledged work, as well as support of its Clients in non-stop mode.
The idea of the team of this project is to create a learning platform in the field of digital money, technology, the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies directly with each other using P2P. The main focus is on the use, creation of a mobile decentralized platform for the exchange without intermediaries of digital money for Fiat with the help of smart contracts.
Thus, each user in the conduct of such operations will be protected from hacking, fraud, loss of money and control by third parties. This will significantly reduce the costs of the commission, which offer today, many stock exchanges, a waste of time to search for more advantageous rates.
The Streamdesk platform supports its users and allows investors at an early stage to buy and sell cryptic currency without commission fees and hidden fees. Also, the undoubted advantage of the Streamdesk platform is the ability to perform crypto-currency transactions at a fixed rate, which is fixed on the main Cryptoexchange exchanges that have a license.
The STM token is used on the Streamdesk platform, which is used to work on the system. The creators of the platform took care of their Clients, protecting them from the fluctuation of the course, by creating a large reserve fund, consisting not only of service tokens, but also of fiat currency. The STM Token is implemented on the Ethereum Platform by the ERC-20 standard. In total it is planned to release 186 million tokens without the right of further generation, which will be directed in the following directions:
70% of tokens will be sent to ICO;
25% of tokens will be reserved by Streamity;
3% of tokens will go to the bonus program;
2% of the tokens are for advisers.
On the Streamdesk platform, the Crowdsley traditionally begins with the pre-ICO, which will go through the week and will last until January 28, 2018. The advantage of participating in previous sales is the ability to receive tokens with bonuses of 30%. For pre-ICO it is planned to send 20 million tokens to STM in order to raise $ 2.8 million. One STM can be purchased at a price of $ 0.2. Each user can purchase an unlimited amount of STM with a minimum transaction amount of 0.1 ETH. The maximum amount of STM platform is not limited.
The main cradle on the Streamdesk platform will take place in two stages.
The start of the first phase is scheduled for March 12, 2018. Duration is 2 weeks - until March 25, 2018 inclusive. When purchasing STM on the 1st day of the Cradle, the User will receive an additional 20% bonus, and in case of purchase in the following days - 15% bonus. For implementation in the first phase will be sent 110.2 million tokens.
The second stage of the Crowdsley platform on the Streamdesk platform is scheduled for April 16, 2018 and will continue for two weeks until April 29, 2018 inclusive. When purchasing tokens in the second stage of ICO, the amount of bonuses received will be 10%.
In the case of a pre-sale of all tokens, the land will be stopped. Tokens can be purchased using ETH, BTC, ETC, as well as with dollars and euros. When a user acquires 1250 STM or more, he gets bonuses and reduced fees when working with the platform.
The funds received during ICO are planned to be distributed in the following areas: 40% will go to product development;
25% will be directed to marketing;
25% of funds will be transferred to the reserve fund;
10% will be transferred to lawyers and project auditors.
Also among the many streams of service Streamity is an informational and analytical portal called Streamity . org, which combines news and analysis of the further development of the world of cryptography.
Thus, the Streamdesk platform is an innovative approach to the exchange of cryptographic products in the fiat, implemented taking into account the needs of Clients in the availability and ease of use.
Bounty campaign.
The Streamity Bounty campaign is now in full swing. It will end on April 29, 2018. The project team promises to send tokens to the campaign participants within 7 days after the end of the campaign.
Bounty destinations:
  1. Subscription campaign
  2. Feybuk
  3. Twitter
  4. Telegram
  5. Translation and moderation
  6. Content creation
For current terms of participation and rewards, see the forum: