A lot of sense and a way to seek profit through hobbies. One of them is broadcast on site as well as live streaming app. As the Internet grows, more and more users are looking for additional benefits by uploading broadcast videos about their personal lives, skills, and games.
Most gamers no longer only play games for personal interest and satisfaction, but also to share with netizens. You also want to play games while making a big profit and looking for existence, right? Next time I will discuss about the latest Platform from PLAYKEY which is the only originator of streaming game to get you money and investment for you.
Changes in the game world itself turned out to open a lot of new opportunities, both from the developers and players. For developers, the presence of various new technologies as discussed above makes them now able to create games with unique elements that can only be presented thanks to modern technology. While from the side of the player, there are also many open opportunities that can be exploited to look for something more than the game, even to make the gaming itself as a job.


Playkey is a cloud game platform, which lets gamers play the highest-rated games on PCs and Macs that have been around for a long time. With developmental research we have spent 4 years developing game technologies that are already available in countries like EMEA and CIS in PLAYKEY.NET and are currently used by 1 million gamers each month on a 100+ Nvidia Grid-based central server at London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Moscow. Our team of 45 experienced R & D specialists collaborate directly with leading game publishers including Ubisoft, Bethesda and Wargaming and is supported by a large European VC fund. The goal is to provide gamers with a valuable opportunity to play the highest-value games whenever and wherever, using any device connected to the Internet, without having to buy a high-end PC or console.

Playkey aims to create an ecosystem for cloud games and other use using ("Playkey Ecosystem") featuring:

  • Dozens of independent computer-powered owners worldwide ("miners") are united in the community, and act as cloud gaming service providers.
  • Cryptocurrency of a single universal ecosystem - PKT token - to be issued via ICO.
  • High standards of integrated cloud gaming services (SLAs) defined in the form of a smart enthusiast enthusiast.
  • Regulatory governing bodies and communities - The Playkey Foundation, the token publisher of the CCP, is responsible for the development of services and ecosystems.

All parties benefit from participating in the Playkey Ecosystem:
  • Miners have an efficient choice to utilize their more stable, and less risky, computing capabilities compared to cryptocurrency mining.
  • Gamers will be able to choose the best and closest server to play.
  • Game developers and publishers will expand their client base.

Funds collected through ICO will be used for the development of Playkey Ecosystem and game popularization The main terms and conditions of the ICO and PKT tokens are as follows:

  • The amount of PKT to be issued is 100 000 000 units of divided and non-inflation long-term shares.
  • 60% of tokens issued are intended for sale, 12.5% ​​are reserved for the Playkey Foundation, and the rest will be distributed among ICO team, escrow agent, gift and adviser.
  • The CCP proof must be implemented in the public etereum block [3] in accordance with ERC20 [4] (Token Token Standard Tokens).
  • The stamp is set at the level of PKT 100 000 000 (one hundred million).
  • ICO results will be used for Playkey Ecosystem and cloud gaming service development.

Considering the amount collected, the planned structure for the use of funds is as follows:
  • Marketing, promotional and PR services 25-45% of total funds.
  • R & D costs (especially salaries and wages) - 20-50%.
  • Infrastructure costs - 20-30%.
  • Operational costs - 4-5%.


  • Games move to the cloud, following videos, music and other services. For gamers, 10x game clouds are cheaper than having personal gaming hardware (PC / console), utilizing the share of economic principles.
  • Development of GPU, Internet, and low-latency streaming, has reduced the demand for personal gaming hardware. In fact, the next generation console could be the last it is based on hardware.
  • Moving games to cloud technology has now become inevitable - 70% of Steam players are Unable to play AAA titles like GTA V in high resolution, and 30% of players can not even run titles on their outdated PCs.
  • Demand for cloud games will continue to grow. The demand for the latest generation of hardware, and the increasing requirements of games caused by the resource-intensive VR technology, will make the home hardware more and more expensive and unfit for casual gamers.

Mission Playkey - to take advantage of the cloud game revolution during the early stages by decentralization.
  • Let all gamers play the games they want, on devices that connect to the Internet, use the decentralized cloud model, by utilizing technology, products and. the existing Playkey business.
  • Create the world's largest platform and marketplace for all hardware providers, gamers and other participants in the growing cloud gaming industry.
  • Provide a decentralized ecosystem with core platelets for miners and gamers, based on blockchain technology, which provides GPU owners personal / professional with new ways of making money. A more efficient, more stable, and less risky way of crypto-mining, while Providing gamers with an affordable way to play AAA games, using the latest generaton hardware.

The core of Playkey Ecosystem games cloud gaming


The basic architecture of the service consists of users who choose the server on the website, connect the client with the server, and fix the contract at the beginning and end of the game. A special trading service will be established to connect miners with gamers using smart contracts. Miners will be able to develop their own smart contract terms (such as pricing), or join recommended Terms based on game market demand.

Description of architectural components:
  • Client - Playkey app for various platforms and devices:
  • Desktop Applications - Playkey for desktops and laptops.
  • TV screen - Playkey app for Smart TV and IPTV / OTT console.
  • Phone App, Tablet - Playkey for iOS and Android-based smartphones and tablets.
  • Playkey.io - the main Playkey web portal, which contains information about this service, its game directory, payment functionality, and client for Desktop apps.
  • Miners - blockchain enthusiasts who share their hardware computing capacity with gamers.
  • PKT - Playkey Token.
  • Game - the game starts on the miner's computer, using the Playkey service
  • Gamers - users who play games on miners computers for the CCP, using the Playkey service.
  • Blockchain - chain of transaction units.
  • Profile storage - file storage for profiles and saving games.

Playkey Playkey ecosystem will be a blockchain-based decentralization ecosystem for game services that will include the following market segments and participants:
  • The core participants in Playkey Ecosystem are gamers and miners (cloud game hardware providers). Playkey is expected to build a large, private and professional mining community, and become the largest streaming service provider and market in the world.
  • In the next stage, Playkey plans to expand its ecosystem, decentralize other functions (R & D, game publisher relations, marketing), and connect to other gaming platforms of elements and segments such as developers and publishers, in-game currency, e- sports and live streams, apps and content creation. During the initial stages, Playkey Ecosystem will be supported by Playkey Company. Going forward, Playkey is expected to transfer its ecosystem to a fully decentralized independent model.


To start as a miner, the requirements are as follows:

  1. Install Playkey server-side software on your virtual machine.
  2. Setup and run software.
  3. Download games available on the Playkey service.
  4. Test your miner node and skip SLA (service level agreement).
  5. Enable production mode and start mining.

Interaction between miners and gamers

After the successful creation of a smart contract transaction with the «Start» action, encrypted profiles from the CDN are downloaded to the miner's computer, and gamers can start playing. After the session ends, encrypted profiles are uploaded to CDN, and smart contract deals with the «Done» action are created. The PKT is moved from the gamer wallet to the miner's wallet. Going forward, we plan to use decentralized storage such as Storj, Sia or other service providers.

Client server

Client-server communication is performed using a protocol developed by Playkey based on UDP Unicode Protocol The Playkey Service is customized to work on unstable connections and can adapt bitrate and image quality for each user.

On chains and off chains

The public Ethereum network will serve as a decentralized currency settlement layer with users who want to transfer the CCP from the Playkey app and log in. It will provide a better experience for users who interact with the CCP in the Playkey ecosystem. This will solve the Problems in the early release of the system, such as blockchain scalability bottlenecks, transaction nuances, faster transaction time and complex feature encapsulation. With its development

Blockchain technology, the CCP will grow and will enable the provision of this feature in a fully decentralized environment.



  • 1PKT = 0.009 ETH;
  • Investment cap is PKM 100M;
  • ICO start date - November 2017;
  • Playkey will launch ICO only on playkey.io.

Publishing and distribution of PKT

Playkey plans to create an ICO with a publishing volume of 100 000 000 PKT token to achieve the following objectives:

  • Integrate blockchain technology into Playkey game services.
  • Develop a decentralized, resource-efficient, secure and fast P2P game streaming solution, where miners can provide powerful resources to gamers.
  • Achieve 10 million active players in the United States, EMEA, and APAC regions.


The Playkey team consists of 45 professionals including developers, game strategies, testers and marketing experts. The core team has been developing technology and building a Playkey for 4 years:

The world's leading specialist in developing cloud computing and gaming technologies.
Establish partnership relationships with large data centers and GPU / hardware providers.
Establish partnership and agreement relationships with leading global publishers and game services.

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