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ICO Denaro - the global solution for exchanging crypto-currencies - https://denaro.io/
With the advent of bitcoin, people gradually began to learn about crypto-currencies. But so far only a few use them, and mainly use it for trade, and not for direct purchase of products, and traders are not so willing to introduce crypto-currencies in turnover. Still, people are more comfortable to have something tangible on their hands than electronic. So what will help to increase the functionality of the crypto currency and allow using them physically?
The digital currency wallet stores the general population and secret key. The private key can be used to obtain or use encrypted funds. Wallet contains a number of public and private key pairs, as of January 2018 there are more than 1300 encrypted formats of money. The most well-known are bit coins. The amount of encryption itself is not in the wallet. If the occurrence of bit coin occurs and the form of encrypted money is obtained, the digital currency will be stored in a freely accessible record in a distributed manner. Each bit of cryptographic money has a secret key. With a secret key, you can think of writing a general record and appropriately spending the relevant digital currency. Most coins have an official wallet or official suggested external wallet. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of using digital currency, you need to use cryptographic money wallet.
Denaro can give the client the ability to store, spend and exchange digital form money on the natural interface and check card, which is the main problem of Crypto physically spending on the client.
Denaro's consistent split biological system links the separation of cryptic forms of money from the standard market. At this stage, organizations and people are authorized to send, use, store and trade cryptography through secure web wallet, physical check card, vendor's installed terminal, IBAN. With Denaro's multi digital money wallet, you do not need a lot of places again. Although not exclusive, it is possible to acquire and store amounts of various encryption forms in one address. You can also use them at ATMs and stores. Denaro ceases to split goods and companies on the Web, stop using Web Wallet or physical plastic separately, and creates a secure and tunable SCI / API for commercial benefit did. The homemade Denaro group is the culmination of block chain enthusiasts, each of which is a strong master among different themes. Their abilities and qualities are the foundation for improving the encrypted money and work hard towards obligation in terms of communicating the answers to improve the world.
All exchanges made with Denaro Wallet are guaranteed using encrypted encryption and provide forced compulsory security and inherently reduce exchange costs and protection. Denaro is more than just offering online installment channels. Likewise, by stacking BTC, ETH, DNO on physical Denaro check cards, you can use cryptography at many shops and ATMs around the world.
Denaro will compensate the earnings donor / financial expert and the interests of the organization using a framework of reverse compensation and referral fee. While the compensation framework remunerates the early commitment, taking into account the tokens sold in the case of our pre-transactions and principle transactions, the referrals of the commissioned framework will be responsible for 5% of each purchase made by the referral Issue an individual of the group. The pre-deal fee framework consists of 25% of the remuneration contributed by the financial experts. We will withstand the whole period of pre-sale, 7 days.
The general population / basic transaction fee framework consists of 25% compensation for the first 15 million tokens sold, 10% for the $ 20 million tokens sold, and 2500 sold later 5% tokens, last 5 million tokens were sold. Of the people who are generally traded, 65 million tokens are sold.
Denaro debit card
All cryptocurrency users face the same challenge as spending digital assets physically on limited roads and opportunities. Encrypted users are still given the luxury of paying goods and services in encrypted currencies due to the fact that more commercial services still prefer peace and trust for encryption. A few merchant services trying to support these new currencies tend to support simple encryption. However, this "luxury offered" is currently damaged by market volatility, and these services suspend support.
It should not be the case. Cryptocurrencies provides advanced protection from fraud, privacy, cost reduction, and can prevent counterfeiting or any reversal or reversal. Even if it is not easy to buy goods and services, it is not easy at all. The Denaro debit card solves this problem.
With the Denaro debit card, you can import encrypted currencies such as BTC, ETH, DNO, etc. into physical debit cards and use them in millions of online stores and offline stores all over the world.
Market research - February 2017
Business plan and strategy - April 2017
Investor's gratitude February Private - 2017
Company registration available - June 2017
Job seekers - June 2017
Beta development and test portfolio - July 2017
Creating White Paper - 2017
August concept of encrypted payment terminal and IBAN - November 2017
Intelligent development / test / contract security audit - November 2017
Open multi-encrypted Denaro portfolio open beta - January 2018
ICO starts next to advertising campaign - in February 2018
ICO Termination - First Exchange List in March, 2018 DNO - March 2018
iOS and Android application development - March 2018
Cryptocurrency terminal payment development - end of March 2018
CoinFest British Attendant - Publication of the DENARO - 2018 Project on April 5, 2018
The first week of May, Consensus Conference - May 14-16, 2018
List of popular stocks - Life improvement in late May, 2018 - Progress status in June 2018
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