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ICO Savedroid - Cryptocurrency for all - https://www.savedroid.de
The team developed its universal project - a mobile application Savedroid, with the goal of introducing a digital currency into the daily life of society.
Ecosystem Savedroid https://ico.savedroid.com/ combined in one application a lot of functionality. Thanks to this service, it became possible to convert the digital currency into fiat and pay for goods and services with a credit card that is tied to a savings account. The main account is in the partner bank. Funds for a smart account are transferred in parts, for specific acquisitions or investment.
Each person has his own, individual, algorithm of life and the developers took into account this fact. The application is based on the use of artificial intelligence and is capable of self-learning, can analyze, draw conclusions and put forward assumptions of actions close to the user's thoughts.
You can make purchases, invest in projects and companies, buy and sell crypto currency, convert tokens into fiat and vice versa. In this case, the application will analyze the user's actions and, being connected to the Savedroid service, will offer the most optimal options for transactions that will save savings and will be profitable or profitable in the future.
General information about the project
Such an innovative and progressive German start-up as Savedroid aims to promote a wide range of crypto-currency functionalities among the general public. In other words, the company Savedroid can be confidently considered the future for the development of the world of virtual currencies, which will provide an opportunity for everyone to keep tokens, invest them with a minimum of risks, freely apply the crypto currency to pay for goods and services without special skills and knowledge in this area.
Principle of operation of the site
Savedroid plans to introduce in its innovative development self-learning artificial intelligence. This will enable users to independently acquire and sell virtual currencies on the most favorable terms. And the participants of the site will receive automatic analysis, market monitoring from the platform list of portfolios that are profitable for investment. An inherent positive aspect of the project is the lack of need for users to use third-party exchanges in their work to exchange virtual currencies, because on the platform itself any financial transactions are carried out quickly and easily.
The Savedroid platform also helps users plan their budget, gives hints for smart investing in finance, to achieve the user's desired result within the time frame set.
Simply put, the Savedroid platform helps users acquire something that not everyone can afford to buy, has not enough money, for example, if it is a question of purchasing an actual mobile phone. Savedroid is gradually saving money on a third-party account, which can be compared to a cumulative effect. The participant of the site should only indicate the day to which he would like to receive this acquisition, establish the amount of money that the platform will fix and will gradually be deferred to the account. In this case, artificial intelligence is the best assistant, which facilitates the analysis and evaluation of all transactions conducted by the user, in order to offer him the most profitable and suitable algorithms for saving money.
For example, if a user visits a local supermarket every three days to buy three packages of milk at a price of one and a half dollars, the Savedroid platform tracks this to suggest making similar acquisitions in markets that are not far from the user, but are more affordable, and for example, at a price of $ 1. This approach will save one and a half dollars every day.
Selling project tokens
ICO project is being carried out at this stage, SVD tokens are the only in-system currency of the site, which can be purchased at favorable terms. The sale will be completed on March 9, 2018, or upon the achievement of Hard Cap. At the pre-sale stage, SVD's internal tokens were sold out pretty quickly, within a couple of hours, which is the main sign of a high appraisal of the startup by investors. A total of 10 billion Savedroid intrasystemic tokens were created , of which 6 million were put up for sale among the participants. All tokens that can not be sold will automatically be liquidated by the system at the end of the main sale. Buy coins at a price of 1 SVD = 0.01 EUR.
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