ICO BETRIUM - Worldwide Betting Exchange Platform

Do you like betting on Sporting Events or E- Sports? http://betrium.co/
Well, even if YOU personally don't play the odds, the market for sports betting and associated services is a $100 billion industry where-as the over-all gambling market is nearing $1 trillion.
It is clear that people love to bet... On Everything!
Not just traditional sports and casino gaming, but basically anything you could possibly imagine with multiple potential outcomes is being bet on!
Vegas odds exist for over/under Trump Tweets during an NFL game... Specifically last weeks SF 49's game.
Unfortunately, centralized big business takes the claim on providing these betting services while taking extraordinary commissions and providing unfair odds.
Not anymore!
The future of Betting has arrived with BETRIUM!
A world-wide Betting exchange platform
This platform is not only for gamblers and betting organizers, but also for developers of 3rd party apps and service providers.
This powerful platform will provide any user the ability to organize and create betting events with specific odds while receiving additional marketing tools and special promotional rewards.
Detailed WhitePaper: http://betrium.co/betrium_whitepaper.pdf
The basic platform operation model is as follows:
Current Development Road Map
As you can see the development is nearing its crowdfunding phase in which following the completion, a beta desktop version will shortly become available in February of 2018.
Token Creation Event: PreICO 10/21 - 11/21, ICO until 12/10
The Betrium platform will utilize the BTRM ERC20 Token which is backed by the Ethereum blockchain.
A total supply of 140 Million BTRM will be created where the following chart will breakdown the Token sale
Don't miss the opportunity to become an investor into this project!
More information found at the Betrium website: http://betrium.co/
ETH: 0xb101dC14C6012D4faC2025a8f1Cdd4Daf1D9F154