EXMR: New Era Monero (ERC20) With Ethereum Platform

Composed of Ethereum infrastructure and another coin, Monero, eMonero is getting ready to meet its investors with the airdrop and bounty campaigns that are starting to take shape in the near future. eMonero is the abbreviation for the coin market " EXMR ". With the Erc20 feature , it works perfectly with wallets like eMonero , Myetherwallet, ImToken and Mist. Only 15 million units of exmrand this amount is an extraordinary amount for a coin. One of the things that is known as a coin or a buck is that the gold mine is found in a similar way due to its acceptance in investment markets. What is rare in the coin market is becoming valuable. If you look at the price of Doge, which is 150 billion in the market, you will understand more easily what I mean.
  eMonero is a coin despite the fact that it uses ethereum infrastructure, so it offers the possibility to create smart contracts and creative applications. In a sense, another infrastructure is being created within the infrastructure. When we examine the emblem of eMoreno, you can see that it is composed of a combination of emblems of Ethereum and Monero such as name. Since eMonero , which is planned to be listed on various coin stock exchanges in recent period , is likely to be listed first in etherdelta as it uses the Ethereum infrastructure. 
If you are interested in eMonero, you can start by examining http://www.e-xmr.io , the official page of the project . You can follow the updates on the official twitter page ( https://twitter.com/eXMRCoin ). We also suggest that you check eMonero 's Bitcointalk official page if you want to earn a bit of exmr as a support for your project
eMonero's idea is as follows:
Symbol: EXMR
Address: 0xc98e0639c6d2ec037a615341c369666b110e80e5
Supply: 15,000,000 (8 Decimals)
Following in the footsteps of success of eBTC and eLTC that have shown the great power of the ethereum platform in digital asset token systems. That's what underlies Monero, making it tokenized with ERC20.
EXMR a new breakthrough from Monero's combined and ethereum creates a Token with the Ethhereum Platform and runs on a Ethereum blockchain system that has 3 advantages fiture:

Monero as a token in Ethereum means compatibility with existing wallets like MyEtherWallet, Mist, imToken and more.
With the advantages of smart ethereum contract token, eMonero enables us to create an innovative system or application using the token Solidity.
The token is created for a limited 15,000,000 EXMR to ensure the token value remains high and will always be a fixed amount. This ensures consistent supply and no additional EXMR can be created.

Token Monero (EXMR) is distributed for free with airdrop system to 5000 members who participate in this event in the form of Social media, Blog, Youtube and Bitcointalk because this Token power exists in the existing community, then with this airdrop system, the tokens will be spread new after it is entered on the designated exchanger.