ICO LociPro — Decentralization of the patents and invention process

ICO LociPro — Decentralization of the patents and invention process — https://locipro.com

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A patent offers the inventor an undisputed monopoly for a limited time. Serving a purpose, you can patent only a patentable subject or matter. It has to be novel and not obvious. It works on basis of first inventor to file rather than first to invent. Patenting is a lengthy process that involves too many drawings and flowcharts. It involves technical specifications, claims, first to claim status and filing fees. Almost 13 million patents were filed in 2015 alone, all over the world.

Problems surrounding patents:
First, to file patent system makes it really difficult for the simpleton inventors, who genuinely try to solve global problems. Patents will require a thorough art search. Most of these searches cost more than two to three grand. The fee for documenting and claim writing is sky high. Average inventors cannot afford these costs. They deserve huge support from the public, even when their patent material is benefitting people.
Current solutions:
Except for volumes and values, nothing has changed in the patenting scene for almost half a century. A few half efficient search methods are available, such as Google Patents, FreePatentOnline, USPTO patent search engine etc… These searches are not to the point. They confuse too much with similar patents. It requires too much of manual processing time. In our era, where time is money, these methods are effective but not efficient.
What is Loci InnVenn?
Loci InVenn is a more advanced patent search tool. Instead of presenting search results in a long list, it presents them through venn diagrams. It accurately shows if your patent can be granted or not. It gives new ideas to inventors to redefine their concept and earn patent. It searches through all possible art that looks similar to your idea or concept.
How it works?
Loci patenting process work as simple as 1–2–3. Everything starts from search. Browse an ocean of patents with this advanced search tool. Discover the value of your idea and identify different pivots that fit you. Next step is to own your patent. Claim immutable proof on Ethereum based blockchain. Now you hold the limited time monopoly for your art. Skip all the risk involved patenting process and monetize your patent straightaway.
Target user groups:
• Inventors and entrepreneurs will save a lot of costs caused by attorneys during the early search. Local inventors can find new applications for their idea. Finding tons of applicable pivots from prior inventions is a real prospect.
• Intellectual property attorneys are the potential major players in Loci environment. The quick and comprehensive search saves them a lot of time. The firms can operate as affiliates for Loci to introduce their clients to the Invenn search.
• Corporate Researchers will make best use of money in comparison to traditional R&D. Instead of dealing with inefficient duplicate research involving too much litigation, they can rather focus on development strategy of novel ideas.
• Investors are the ones who will benefit the most from Loci Invenn. Loci’s proprietary analysis and valuation with immensely help investors. Nine out of ten businesses don’t fare well with the conventional research. But Loci Invenn presents you with most beneficial and presentational analysis.

Loci token sale:
LOCIcoin, the prime utilitarian token will be priced at $2.49 or its equivalent in ETH. The presale is open for everyone and it will kick off in the fourth quarter of 2017. You need to sign up for the token sale in order to be eligible. 35 million tokens out of available 100 million tokens will feature in public sale. You can use LOCIcoin to only spend on product and services in Loci powered ecosystem.
Team and Official Links:
The positive thing about this unique and innovative project is that the people behind it are not hidden, they are trying to be open and transparent, I have personally seen videos by the CEO John Wise, he really seems to be competent and is very passionate to take the project to the next level. Find the official links of the project below and stay updated:
Website: https://locipro.com
Whitepaper: https://locipro.com/whitepaper
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Loci.InnVenn/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/loci_io