ICO Chimaera — platform for playing games based on blockchain technology.

ICO Chimaera — https://chimaera.io/

The world is progressing with great speed. Progress over the last couple of years has been more than in the past 30 years. The last, perhaps the most significant step forward, the world has got the discovery of a crypto currency. With their coming, many things have been upgraded, and so are the traditional businesses that by introducing new technology elevate the work principle to the stairs more. Technology comes with different experiences, and so is the game playing. From https://chimaera.io/ we get an interesting project for all game lovers — Chimaera.
Chimaera will be a platform for playing games based on blockchain technology.
With the arrival of this technology, the systems are decentralized, transparent and completely secure.
The platform will be stable and very fluid, which is certainly rejoicing. Also, it is also on the virtual reality of these games based on what the future will be.
The picture below shows the most noteworthy novelties of this revolutionary project: The

world of games every year has seen enormous growth, and has even lately smelt of e-sports. A combination of two popular worlds could be a hit and this project has all the qualities to fulfill the potential.
Let’s take a look at the way the company has gone through, and which is still ahead of them:

It all sounds very tempting, but this is only basic information about the project, and for more details, check out the whitepaper on the link:
https://chimaera.io/ downloads / Chimaera_White_Paper.pdf
Public Token Offer:
One way to get token token is directly through an initial public bid.
The number of token to be sold is 40.5% of the total number of tokens.
It’s a long time to join the project and you can do it on the following link:
Bounty Program:
Another way to get involved in a project is through a bounty campaign where you can help with project work in a variety of ways. These are various ways of helping, from translation to social network marketing (Facebook, Twitter), and various other things.
For your time and work you will be paid for tokens.
For details and types of bounty campaigns, please visit:
There is also an official theme on the bitcointalk forum, which is a community that brings together all crypt valued lovers where you are welcome to participate in the discussion and follow the creation of the project:
Briefly about the project participants:
Founders Andrew Colosimo, Daniel Kraft, Konstantin Gorskov and Bas de Gruiter, experienced experts who united forces to bring this project to the feet along with many other, very experienced people.
Let’s take a look at the rest of the team:

It looks like a very interesting project and it has to be closely monitored because it could just start a cusp in the world of crypto currencies, so go to https://chimaera.io/ and join the revolution!
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