ICO Notary Platform (NTRY)

What is Notary Platform?

Notary Platform is a Blockchain based solution for engaging in contracts. Its purpose is having a simple platform, where general population can easily make different contracts with other people without the need of a third party such as a Lawyer or a Notary. Perfect example of the usefulness of Notary Platform would be buying a used vehicle. You would open up the mobile application and input details of the buyer and seller. Take some pictures of the vehicle and then sign the contract using your fingerprint. The contract with all its data is then sent through the Blockchain, giving it a unique timestamp and immutability.

Another great feature is the ability to record sound or video and include it in the contract. Because of this you can make all kinds of arrangements with your family and friends. Take a short video of the apartment you are renting and then seal the deal with a contract on Notary Platform. That way the person renting the apartment and the person living in it will rest assured that one will not make any changes without their knowledge.

The main benefit is that the data, stored in the Blockchain, can be used as a legal proof in the court of law. So you have legal backup whenever you are making a deal.

But not only is the platform usable on customer to customer level. It can also be used with business to customer and even business to business. Think about all the loans, contracts, warranties, transactions and certifications that can be simplified using Notary Platform.

Information about the ICO

NTRY token will be built on the Etherium platform. The ICO will start on October 10th and end on November 10th or when the hard cap is reached. The hard cap is set at $13.2 million and there is no soft cap. Price per one token (NTRY) is fixed at $0.11 or equivalent in BTC or ETH.

News and information on the project can be found on the Notary website, as well as on the Bitcointalk forum.

Click here to visit Notary Platform's official thread on the Bitcointalk forums.
To participate in the ICO, follow the project on their website here.



The Whitepaper for the project is publicly available on the following link . Some technical information on the product are following. Front end (iOS and Android) will be based on React, Ionic, PhoneGap and web3.js. The Backend will be executed with Etherium Blockchain and Swarm, based on Smart Contracts.
The total amount of NTRY coins is 150 000 000. They are divided into the following:
  • PreICO presale: 5 000 000
  • ICO: 120 000 000
  • PreICO Bounties: 500 000
  • ICO Bounties: 500 000
  • Other Bounties: 1 000 000
  • Notary team: 17 000 000
  • Advisors: 2 000 000
  • Reserve: 3 000 000
Collected funds will be used accordingly to the image below.

Conclusion on the Notary Platform ICO

The Notary Platform looks very promising because of the solutions it offers for real world situations. I have not seen the same usage of the Blockchain so far, so i would like to point out, this is the first coin that is based on contracts between people or businesses.

Now it's time to decide whether to invest in the ICO or no. Taking only the information about ICO into consideration, we can conclude the following.

ICO price per one NTRY token multiplied by the amount of tokens available gives us $0.11 * 150 000 000 = $16 500 000. This is the Market Cap of the NTRY token. If we check out other ICO projects or other tokens on coinmarketcap we see, that the Market Cap for this token is small. That means the price will most likely increase after the ICO, when the token gets added to different exchanges.

But if we also take the whole project, with its unique functionality and real world usage, into consideration we should be even more convinced, that this will be one successful platform.