ICO SmartBillions World’s first multi-billion-dollar blockchain lottery.

ICO SmartBillions World’s first multi-billion-dollar blockchain lottery.
SmartBillions is not a company. It's a smart contract that conducts a decentralized lottery with a theoretically unlimited Jackpot potential. We believe the quality and value of SmartBillions contract technology will validate its superiority above all existing lottery services. To verify the security of the SmartBillions contract, the SmartBillions Team will host a hackathon 7 days prior to the start of the limited crowdfunding Token (PLAY) sales. The SmartBillions development team will place 1500 ETH in the contract Jackpot and offer an open invitation for anyone to try and hack the contract and withdraw the funds. The hackathon will prove the security of the contract and certify that Token holders’ investments are fully protected.
We stand against the greedy business models of ICOs with fraudulent intentions and unfair fund and token distribution schemes, which operate without genuine products behind them. We stand for fundamental blockchain values (decentralization, disintermediation, transparency, security and freedom), as well as comprehensive investor transparency.
The Token and fund distribution models offered by SmartBillions are extremely favorable for Investors. SmartBillions is the first ICO to offer downside protection for its crowdsale backers.
Blockchain is not just about people - it’s about providing people with the right technology. It's about revolutionizing historic industries which have long been based on monopolies and a lack of transparency and have worked against the benefit of the community. And just like blockchain and the idea of the smart contract, SmartBillions is not about the people behind it. It is about the people who use it and their fully transparent freedom to win.
SmartBillions is the first fully decentralized and transparent lot- tery managed by an Ethereum smart contract. All bets and re- sults are public and recorded on the Ethereum blockchain with- out 3rd party involvement. Only 0.25 % of the lottery funds are ac- cessible to the smart contract operations.
SmartBillions tokens crowdsale ("ICO") goal is set at 200 000 ETH. 90% of the funds raised will be allocated to the Jackpot. The remaining funds will be designated to marketing.
SmartBillions Token (“PLAY”) holders will receive a monthly dividend starting one month after the initial token offering closing date. The Estimated Annual Yield is over 30% .
Token Holders are given a revolutionary investment protection guarantee. They are allowed to redeem Tokens any time after the PLAY Tokens crowdsale closing date and reclaim most of the invested funds, even in the event of currently unpredictable issues.
A blockchain-based smart contract is a decentralized system architecture existing between a variety of permitted parties, where all intermediaries are eliminated. Banks and governments are now turning to blockchain systems as they are cheaper, faster and more secure than existing traditional system of data organization and exchange. While the blockchain mode of opera- tions is designed as an expanding order (called blocks) register, it makes
data fundamentally immune to alteration; the orders registered in blocks are distributed to make any future changes impossible.
The idea of smart contracts based on a decentralized ledger (digital contract, blockchain contracts, self-executing contracts) emerged from the work of cryptographer and legal academic Nick Szabo in the early 1990s. In essence, the idea can be summarized as a conversion of contracts to computer code, where the storing and replication takes place on the network. The process is automatically supervised by the network of computer devices participating
in the blockchain circuit. As a result, the ledger feedback loop takes place and the transfer of assets or receiving of services/products is made possible.
They become an infrastructure that allows a zero conflict and fully transpa- rent exchange of value (e.g. shares, money, property), bereft of “middleman” intermediaries. The smart contract infrastructure allows users to easily pay to the system (ledger), receive value and benefit from the security of automati- cally-enforced obligations based on rules and penalties specified in the con- tract.
The SmartBillions is an Ethereum smart contract where all operations are recorded on the blockchain and public. SmartBillions is a lottery where players chose 6 numbers between 0 and 15 and set their ticket values. Pay- outs require at least 2 correct matches. The lottery results are taken from the hash of the third subsequent Ethereum block (its last 6 digits). This guaran- tees full transparency and fairness of the lottery.
The revolutionary character of the SmartBillions Ethereum smart contract lottery comes from:
  1. The lottery is operated by a fully independent smart contract serving as a self-amending regulatory guarantor. The whole process is held on Ethereum blockchain.
  2. The limited PLAY Tokens sale crowdfunding goal is set for the highest ini — tial Jackpot of all online lotteries (180,000 ETH), with an unprecedented win structure not limited to the Jackpot value.
  3. Full transparency and security thanks to the smart contract’s elimination of any third-party involvement in the lottery process and funds manage- ment.
  4. Lack of sign-up requirements providing full anonymity with instant Ticket purchase capabilities.
  5. No prior deposit requirements — direct Ticket payment from players’ digital wallets.
  6. Immediate, secure and anonymous payouts directly after each lottery drawing.
  7. Nearly instantaneous bet placement (under 1 minute), results (approxi- mately 60 seconds) and win payout (instant).
The global offline and online gambling market categories continue to grow year to year. While the first one reached out 359,3 billion USD in 2016, the on- line market was estimated at 44 billion USD. However, the online gambling category is experiencing faster growth (10%) than traditional offline gam- bling and is expected to reach 60 billion USD annualy by 2020. The online lottery market subcategory currently accounts for approximately 4 billion USD annually and is expected to grow at a 10–12% per annum).
The launch of SmartBillions marks the birth of a lottery which provides a new level of quality and trust. It is designed as a community-driven global initiative supporting Ethereum and gameplay communities. It is a part of the worldwide disruptive and democratizing blockchain movement. It is esti- mated that by 2025, as much as 70% of all possible markets in the world will rely on blockchain technology. The transparency and the trust attributed to the smart contracts operating on the blockchains, derive from the fact that all agreements are executed automatically and allow no third-party access
or administrator intervention.
Blockchain allows a fundamental global shift in decentralized re-interme- diated economy. It answers the social need for a global reinvention of lottery systems and their governance, which will lead to full transparency. The world’s lotteries must either adapt to this new paradigm or get disrupted, as full transparency is certainly the industry’s future. This shift is being dynami- cally introduced to all branches of the economy through blockchain techno- logy.
SmartBillions’ mission is to provide a new, fully transparent economy to the lottery world, bringing incontestable freedom and equal chances of winning to all players around the world.
Self-regulated smart contract solution gives SmartBillions an unprecedented chance to disrupt gaming category politics. The absence of internal and ex- ternal governance, hidden fees, unclear rules and potential of deception will become the industry standard.
SmartBillions’ vision is to become the first truly global, transparent and anonymous lottery with unlimited Jackpot potential. SmartBillions, with its internal and transparent management and no 3rd party involvement will revolutionize and create a new standard for all lotteries and will become a reference point for all future lottery projects. In short, we believe that Smart- Billions will became the world’s biggest lottery.
The key features of the SmartBillions Ethereum lottery sum up to both its uniqueness and fully transparent character. The most important defining features are:
SmartBillions is a decentralized and self-managing smart contract lottery.
Contract balance and all transactions are public and transparent. Funds are under smart contract administration and fund distribution rules are un- changeable.
All lottery transactions are held on the Ethereum blockchain, all bets, results and payouts are public, independent from any third-party involvement and cannot be manipulated or influenced. The fund management scheme is presented below.
SmartBillions payouts are instant, direct, secure and anonymous. They are many times higher than the ones offered by any previous lottery, as well as those offered by all current offline and online competitors.
SmartBillions Bounty Program
The SmartBillions lottery offers an unprecedented bounty campaign. It’s participants will receive 2% of all PLAY tokens supply – over 1.2 Million US Dollars !
Bounty program
The ICO hard cap is set at 200 000 ETH and 252 000 000 PLAY tokens will be emitted.
The bounty campaign starts 18.09.2017 and will last till the end of Token sales (app. 23.10.2017)
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