DOVU - Blockchain for Mobility backed by InMotion

Without any doubt, transportation is one of the most complex and 
dinamic industries of our century. The increase of worldwide population, the development of the global transportation infrastructure and the technological developments make this area even more attractive for investors. From the cryptocurrency perspective, this brings a lot of new opportunities. Lets take for example DOVU — a bold start-up that wishes to transform the crypto model for the mobility ecosystem.
How is it able to reach its vision? By developing and implementing a protocol centered around transportation, to be used by businesses in this sector. Dovu wants to motivate the development of mobility related decentralised applications (called dApps), using the DOV tokens. This apps we just mentioned will be created and powered by data — moreover, a special marketplace will be created to support the global community around it.
This ecosystem contains different levels or parts — the Dovu protocol (that permits data interchange and attribution of value), the Dov token (to be used, like any other token, for payment within the platform) and the Dovu API marketplace. The procol we mentoned is open source and permits development of mobility related applications (or, how they are officialy called, dApps). Nonetheless, the Dov token will be used for transactions, within these dApps.
The Ethereum Blockchain provides the means of value exchange through DOV tokens and maintains the functioning of the Smart Contract infrastructure. Just in most markets, in Dovu you will find: owners of data, providers of data (organisations or individuals) and consumers of data (these could be the developers, for example).
One may ask himself: How can all this be trusted? It is a justified question, that diserves some straightforward answers.
  • Dovu is well connected to the transport sector
  • This spring, it received funding from Jaguar Land Rover investment arm and funds backed by the UK government
  • It has a strong team of advisers
  • It has access to relevant professional industry networks
  • It is well positioned
  • It adresses current isues like lack of trust or fear of the competition (in companies in transportation), non-compatible data, non-uniform quality — and offers tangible solutions. It offers the chance for trust and smart contracts, benefits for developers and api management, quality and tokens and creates a safe environment for the marketplace.
How close is the token sale from now?
As announced on the official website, the pre-sale starts at the beginning of September (in 4 September and ends in 29 September), while the token sale is open between 3 and 31 of October.
Meet the core team that created Dovu, read more about this ecosystem and discover more about the reasons to join the DOVU API marketplace by visiting the official website at
Take a look at the latest version of the Dovu whitepaper by visiting This useful pdf will offer information regarding how this cryptocurrency will change data consumption across the world and refresh the transportation sector. This document presents answers regarding:
  • Dovu’s vision and ecosystem
  • The Dovu token and Dovu API marketplace
  • The token distribution event