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Pecunio is a decentralized investment platform with a crypto-currency card and a free digital currency exchange with which cryptoactive assets can easily be saved and spent. We are a universal store for the average non-technical experienced user, an investor with high share capital, as well as angel and venture capitalists.
Pecunio also specializes in providing expert advisory services to well-known start-ups of detachments, offering individual clients an individual business plan, because we recognize diversity. We want to open a dynamic crypto-currency market for all - to demystify investments in blocking and let everyone participate in the new economy of the 21st century.
Allocating all our funds and assets, we simplify investments in individual ICOs, stigma and venture capital funds and crypt currencies. All major cryptoconversions are interchangeable on the platform. Pecunio opens an exclusive investment universe for all.
A prepaid multi-asset debit card that allows symbolic charges in currencies of currencies around the world. These prepaid payments with a bank card without local exchange rates greatly simplify the exchange of digital currency. Pecunio allows the use of crypto-currency costs with immediate liquidity. 
Our experience in the management of traditional and hedge funds gives us the right to lead blocking companies in the successful spread of their wings. We launch ICO campaigns with a special fund, management support, legal advice and others. Pecunio shares profits with its owners of tokens.
The task of Pecunio is to open a bright crypto-currency market for everyone, to encourage acceptance of block chains and to democratize the possession of crypto-currencies. Since the economic fruits of technological innovation are usually collected by wealthy investors with deep pockets and knowledge of in-house information, Pecunio now allows the average individual to become the owner, transfer and invest in cryptothermins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others, allowing to participate in the new economy.
We personally believe in the philosophical mission created by Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of the idea of ​​blockades, to create a universal fund that is safe, easily accessible and accessible to the average person.
Over the past 30 months, the ICO market has grown from $ 14 million to $ 2.6 billion. Finance and investment are still largely underrepresented as a category due to a lack of innovation and decentralization. With its unique business offer, Pecunio is expected to take a significant market share in its revenues from the ICO and beyond.
The beginning of a new investment era began in July 2014 with the incredibly successful ICO Ethereum. Imagine that at that time you invested $ 2,000 in ETH. At the moment, in less than three years, these two thousand dollars will cost more than $ 1 million. 
The same goes for blockchain "Stratis": just 12 months after its ICO, the holders of the tokens multiplied their initial investment by 600 times. ICOs can multiply your investments and are the most profitable investments ever, if they are performed properly. This is our business venture to identify, attract and support potential top executives in this hyperdynamic market.
Investing in ICO and automated AC & VC uses the effectiveness of our funds much compared to conventional investments in crypto currency. Our management of funds has a deep experience of the traditional, but also hedge fund sector, and manages funds of $ 250 million or more.
The Pecunio credit card is a prepaid multi-asset payment card that allows you to spend tokens in all net currencies around the world without the cost of the exchange rate. The user can manage assets through the platform and download the card from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, Ripple and many other cryptic currencies that are yet to come.
All our tokens are the ERC-20 standard and are based on Ethereum; a worldwide, secure, decentralized verification network that allows us to identify our blocking funds. PCO signs from Pecunio receive revenues from three sources: management, productivity and fees for ICO. Pecunio will earn a significant commission fee in a short time, making it a real investment in blue chips for its token owners.
Our platform simplifies access to sometimes complex processing of intellectual contracts for non-technical users. Active customer support, as well as an easy-to-use interface, contribute to our platform. Part of our client-oriented approach is a free exchange for crypto currency, which makes Pecunio a universal store for simple investments.
Another pillar of Pecunio's unique position on the market. Our user has a value for the life of the customer, since we are not a product-oriented supplier or swap, but a caretaker with active management and active customer support.
Why Blockchain?
  • Tyler Winklevoss, co-founder of Facebook, the 
    main investor in Bitkoyne. Blockchain is a fundamental technology, such as the Internet itself, a large system with which applications can be created, and a value that must be safely stored and transmitted through a transparent book. The idea of ​​a decentralized global payment network with low costs and settlement time has far-reaching implications for the global financial system.
Remote from the financial sector, the transparency and integrity of data on the industry standards of Blockchain and industry standards can be transformed into areas such as archiving, logistics, legislation, identity management, securities accounting, application development and much more. Further corporate formation and management, representation of assets, structuring of contracts and contracts and related processes of traditional thinking; each of them is quickly disputed, interrogated, reinvented, reapproved and restructured due to a spark that ignites the concept of the block chain.
Now we are at the forefront of a huge wave of innovation. Approximately 80% of banks are currently developing their own locking technology. This is one of the main reasons that the world's largest companies are now investing in this promising technology and / or accepting it.
The real value of the block chain is that it makes the intermediaries completely redundant. Intermediaries that act as third parties that establish "trust" between the unknown parties are no longer inevitable. In principle, the block chain replaces these intermediaries.
  • Financial services 
    Banks are, in fact, safe warehouses and transfer centers for money. Secure, decentralized and fraudulent Lockchain LEDchain protection covers this function - at a fraction of the cost. A company called Thought Machine has already created a block-bank. For the same reason, clearing houses and stock brokers are also on the line of fire. Companies such as Western Union and MoneyGram have always dominated money transfer services. But the launches of blockers are trying to create a competitive scenario, offering faster, cheaper and more universal forms of money transfers.
  • Real Estate 
    When most people think of buying and selling real estate, they think of a large number of documents, a long, drawn-out process and high commission for agents. Using blockchain, anyone can manage, track and transfer land titles and title deeds - no intermediaries are needed. A company called Ubitquity now offers this service.
  • Flow of 
    Music Stream music is great - well, maybe not for musicians. It is estimated that artists will lose up to 86% of the proceeds from their music due to illegal downloads. The block chain allows artists to earn royalties on their 
    music without missing a label. The winner of the Grammy Imogen Heap Award has created a streaming platform based on a blockbuster called MYCELIA, which, among others, makes this problem possible
Why Fund Management 
Despite the impressive payoff on an annual basis from Bitcoin from the very beginning in 2009, the reality is that the blockchain technology is still in its infancy, and no one knows if it will be accepted around the world. This uncertainty associated with Block Chain and Bitcoin's future is reflected in the volatility of prices for crypt currencies. When it comes to investing in cryptothermics and ICOs, there are several risks that investors need to know and limit:
  • Regulatory 
    risk Probably the greatest risk to Bitcoin's future success, both as a currency and as an asset class, is regulatory risk. For example, if China decides to forbid its citizens to keep Bitcoin, the price of a digital currency will fail. China, of course, is the largest market for Bitcoin, with more than 90 percent of the trade in the People's Republic. Therefore, any negative changes in regulation would have a direct impact on Bitcoin investments in the world.
The same applies to Bitcoin's leading start-ups, such as the US and the UK. If a large economy prohibits bitcoins, the price collapses, and it struggles to recover.
  • Fraud ICO. 
    Many releases of ICO / tokens do not have legitimacy for one of the following reasons:
  • Some ICO are outright scams. Their founders simply end the absurd amount of "stupid money" that throws people into the markers. ("Investors" can often be people who missed a boat on Bitcoin and / or Ether, who do not really understand the differences between different crypto-converters, especially when it comes to value.)
  • Other ICOs are illegal, because they are a solution without problems - not everyone needs a decentralized application with their own currency. Because of these risks, it is necessary to provide for a significant set of due diligence questionnaires before a potential ICO is adopted.
He is asked too much, for an average person with a day job, to deal with all the details of a rapidly changing market. To respond to these dynamic systems, experts and due diligence are required; both are cornerstones of our efficiency policy, which is why we chose to actively manage our funds to adapt to fluctuating markets. In addition, portfolio diversification reduces market volatility, fraud and operational risks, while hedge funds make us profitable even in falling markets.
The user registers to create an account on the Pecunio platform by entering an email address, user name and password. After confirmation by e-mail, a personal wallet is created and automatically sent to the dashboard of the user, where he finds an overview of his personal account and holdings.
After the successful transfer of crypto-conversions or fiat of money to his account, now the user's choice can be released through a cryptocard or, rather, for the exchange of crypto-currencies in investment products of Pecunio or for investing more.
Each investor has the opportunity to invest in various types of funds. At the moment, three fund tokens are available, in addition to the Pecunio token being replaced.
The generated value is distributed to investors using the PCO utility token, which returns commissions from ICOs, AC & VC, and cryptocurrency funds. In addition, the value is controlled by the regular burning of tokens
Another important function of the Pecunio platform is the regular allocation of fees for the fund. 25% of revenue is reinvested to increase the return on investors through compound interest. 25% of revenue is paid in the form of a fee for execution. 50% of the proceeds are distributed among the holders of the fund tokens through a buy-out process. Thus, the distribution of income ensures liquidity of the fund tokens. The chopped tokens are burned, so that revenue will continue to increase for the remaining stock tokens.
The innovative business model Pecunio is deep and thought out, but has a short operational history in the market of young crypto-currency funds. The challenge is to assess prospects and future financial results with absolute accuracy, so we offer three possible scenarios.
Asset identifiers will be presented as smart contracts on the Ethereum block chain. The encoding and configuration work will be performed in Solidity, a high-level programming language similar to javascript, targeting the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM), which is the execution environment for smart contracts in Ethereum.
The asset contract PCO collects an annual management fee of 2-6% for all funds, as well as a performance fee (15% to 30%, depending on the fund's offer). Holders of PCO tokens will be able to access their assets through the "buy and write" mechanism.
To finance the project, we issue 40 million Pecunio (PCO) tokens in total after the ICO campaign. The total number of tokens is 100 million PCO tokens.
hard facts
  • Our people's collective is not a secret yet, but all who have previously registered will be invited to our closed token. This will last for 30 days.
  • PCO Tokens are tokens Ethereum ERC-20
  • 30 000 000 will be sold in the sale of tokens.
  • Exchange rate: 1ETH (or equivalent) = 200 PCO
  • The sale of tokens will be limited upon receipt of 150,000 ETH
  • BTC, ETH, XRP and LTC are accepted for the purchase of PCO tokens
  • More PCOs will not be created after this period in order to avoid inflation.
  • The distribution of tokens begins on February 1, 2018.
Token value
The PCO results are a PCO activation contract (see below), the rights and responsibilities of the Pecunio universe of funds (especially management and productivity fees) and the ICO service fee. Tokens are a digital asset, but they themselves do not have intrinsic value, and the value is based on their underlying assets, properties and / or rights. PCO signs allow their owners to receive these fees proportionally.
  • 20.000.000 or PCOs created during the creation of the event will be allocated to the founders of Pecunio
  • 20.000.000 PCO will be allocated to financial sponsors and supporters of early stage
  • 10.000.000 or PCO created during creation as a future pool of tokens for employees to strengthen our ability to attract and sell the best talents; these tokens will be blocked for 12 months
  • 5,000,000 or PCO created at the time of creation will be created and provided to advisers; these tokens will be blocked for 3 months
  • 15 000 000, or PCO will be credited to the reserve, but will not be released. These RSOs will be available as an additional source of funding, but may never be released depending on the circumstances in the future
Exchange works through the appropriate mechanism through proxy servers. The interface, therefore, is associated with a Smart Pro contract that complies with the ERC-20 standards.
  • Manipulation-safe
  • Written on hardware-oriented programming language to maintain speed
  • Closed environment - taking into account future decentralization
Written in Javascript, among frames Bithore ohters.