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KWHCoin is a blockchain-based community, ecosystem and cryptocurrency backed by units of clean, renewable energy. Physical units of kWh energy are leveraged from multiple sources including smart meters, sensor readings and green button data. This measurable output is tokenized on the blockchain to create KWH tokens.
KWHCoin has been developed for mass adoption and is designed to become the leading digital currency for the emerging Internet of Energy.
KWH, as the world's leading provider of source and source services, provides high-quality leads through the use of blockchain and crowdsourcing data collection methods. KWHCoin is a community based blockchain, ecosystem and cryptocurrency supported by clean and renewable energy units. The physical KWh power delivery unit utilizes many sources, including smart meters, sensor readings and green button data. This measurable export result is tokenized in blockchain to create a digital KWh Coin token for participants.
The idea of ​​KWHcoin was born after using typical typical service generation. It is unclear when, from where or how the service collects potential customer data, and then sells it to their customers. By reducing the cost of renewable energy transactions, KWH will allow renewable energy to flourish and bring new forces to the farthest places in the world.
KWHCoin Destination
To build a strong and active community, we will reach all relevant forums and websites. Specifically: Reddit, Github, Medium, Slack, Facebook, Twitter, and Bitcointalk. Our goal at KWHCoin is based around, building and maintaining a strong community with confidence in its projects and mission.
KWHCoin will build a platform that allows anyone in this world to buy or sell renewable energy sources through the Grid-blockchain renewable energy platform. With the hope of improving the lives of 1.2 billion people worldwide without reliable energy access. KWHCoin will enable the underserved to claim energy freedom. We give you the freedom to choose your energy provider, but can also sell their own renewable energy to others through The Grid in the form of KWH token. KWHCoin will enable renewable energy to expand and bring new forces to the farthest reaches of the world, by lowering the cost of renewable energy transactions.
Community-based goals are classified as follows:
Build communities for the latest energy, the environment, climate change advocates and energy professionals.
Improve the quality of life globally, and provide the next generation for a safe environment.
Building community for entrepreneurs, bootstrappers, marketing, social, business, and salespeople (sales).
Build community networks for cryptocurrency fans, developers, and hackers via Slack's internal channels.
Build a fun and interactive community of socially inspired individuals
Grid Application
KWHCoin is a digital currency that provides exchange media for transactions on the Grid platform. Grid is a mobile and desktop application that serves as an open source database for energy transactions for network participants. The grid has an open ecosystem with an Application program interface, or usually abbreviated API. This allows developers and entrepreneurs to develop more applications and service offerings, as network participants. The purpose of The Grid is to model new and dynamic energy companies in the future. In addition, The Grid aims to build a social impact platform to advocate clean and affordable electricity for all.
KWHCoin Currency Value
By transitioning to energy distribution systems based on two-way distributed energy generation from multiple sources, the aggregation and value of these resources present challenges for the energy and utility industries as energy modernization. Networking is a priority. KWHCoin adds value by reducing the cost of integrating renewable energy into the network by providing a platform for consumers and consumers to connect and configure their energy sources. KWHCoin utilizes blockchain technology and smart contract initiation to combine distributed energy source data to convert it into original, configurable digital tokens in our mobile software and application platforms.
Our Mission
To improve the lives of the 1.2 billion people across the globe without reliable energy access. KWHCoin will achieve this by building a platform that allows anybody in the world to buy or sell renewable energy resources through The Grid — a blockchain-based renewable energy platform.
KWHCoin will allow the underserved to claim energy independence. Not only will they have the freedom to choose their energy providers, but they can also sell their own renewable energy to others through The Grid in the form of KWH tokens.
By lowering the cost of renewable energy transactions, KWHCoin will allow renewable energy to expand and bring newfound power to the farthest reaches of the world.
Cryptocurrency is the Future
In 2015, U.S. electric utilities spent $103 billion in capital expenditures to maintain and upgrade the grid. Distributed energy resources can be aggregated to provide services to the electric grid dramatically reducing costs and increasing energy efficiency.
KWHCoin’s solution is to build a decentralized network of energy resources by connecting them through blockchain technology. Export energy is converted to KWH tokens and transferred to users’ digital wallets on our peer-to-peer energy trading application — The Grid.
Industry Capital Expenditures
The aim of the project is to add value to the emerging internet of energy, based on these principles and overall strategy:
  1. Serve as a baseline incentive and compensation model to lower the cost of solar and encourage investment in distributed energy resources.
  2. Leverage blockchain as a liberation technology to lower barriers and give renewable energy access to the 1.2 billion globally without electricity. 10% of all funds will go directly to fund Microgrid development and off grid technologies in Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia.
  3. Building decentralized localized networks of renewable energy generation, minimizing transmission costs and carbon intensity in the energy transmission process.
  4. Develop a viable business model for a Net-Zero Energy marketplace with an open-source platform and database with peer-to-peer capabilities and without the requirement of a third party. This will give consumers independence and the flexibility to choose an energy source that is 100% renewable.
  5. Enable citizens to contribute and benefit from the green economy and directly reduce carbon emissions by digitizing all energy-related operational activity.
  6. Peer-to-Peer transition model that unlocks value at the edges of the grid. This will empower prosumers and all network participants to receive maximum leverage in a network setting for their contributions in a green economy.
KWHCoin adds value by lowering the cost of #renewable energy integration into the grid by providing a platform for prosumers and consumers to connect and configure their energy resources.
Blockchain and other distributed ledger technology systems are the underlying protocol used to secure KWHCoin and the execution of energy transactions on the platform.
This technology will enable the safe and secure transmission of energy data and ownership information by transacting all details in a public ledger, processed by decentralized computers all around the world.
This capability now provides us with the incredible potential to create a virtual, clean renewable energy company where the energy that is generated is stored on the network as KWHCoin.

Our decentralized system utilizes the distributed power of a network to enhance security, remove the need for central authorities, mitigate costs and empower all network participants. Decentralized networks are open for anyone to use and based on the lack of command and control features, encourage all participating members of the organization to share, innovate and contribute. The ultimate goal of this project is to build a decentralized peer-to-peer energy network that allows participants to share, trade and exchange distributed energy resources that have been verified on the platform.
Once data is written and stored on the blockchain, it becomes part of a permanent database. The concept is analogous to etching a permanent and unique digital footprint. Over time this sequence of transactions develops an immutable audit trail which is useful for provenance tracking, land registries and other sectors sensitive to the authentication of data.
KWHCoin will be the token used to store data and assign the appropriate context to determine value. The Grid will be a user- friendly application and desktop interface that will serve as a public distributed ledger of all the energy information and transactions that take place as part of the network. These components paired with the emerging Internet of Things and Internet of Energy represent an exciting opportunity to contribute to building the 21st century global renewable energy grid.
One of the goals of this project is to explore concepts and possibilities related to the theory of a circular economy and the future of work. Blockchain and other decentralized technologies will enable compensation for work inside the new digital circular economy.
-Energy Efficient Tokens (EE)
-Energy Storage Tokens (ES)
-Electric Vehicle Tokens (EV)
-Demand Response Tokens (DR)
-Microgrid Tokens (MG)
The total supply of KWHCoin and its rate of issuance will be decided by the scale of assets that created, based on distributed energy resource generation. The results below are subject to change based on final input from the Board:
● 195,000,000 KWHCoins will be created to start this decentralized peer-to-peer energy economy
● 19.5 million KWHCoins will be used to fund the building of microgrids and developing off grid technologies in Africa, Puerto Rico, South America, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean
● 50,000,000 KWHCoins for Founders and Partnerships with Social Impact organizations to build local sustainable economies
● 101,169,000 KWHCoins will be publicly released the end of January for public Initial Coin Offering

We are partnering with PATH, an organization committed to ending homelessness for individuals, families, and communities. KWHCoin has connected with 10 local businesses that will accept KWHCoin as currency in exchange for goods and services.
Join KWH today through your investments and make the world a better place.