Review ICO BitClave is a platform that provides advertising

BitClave is a platform that provides advertising
BitClave is a platform that provides relationships between consumers and companies without intermediaries. When it comes to online advertising, companies will have to pay "brokers" an excessive amount of money to attract the audience to their advertising campaign. In addition, advertising campaigns are often placed among other ads, they close the place in crowded banners or just get into someone's spam box, and the company does not guarantee their traffic, which generates their advertising campaigns, as well as real ones. Although almost half or can be accumulated about 50% of the total advertising traffic generated by bots, which will basically destroy the overall purpose of advertising.
In the same way, offline advertising of mass mailings in most cases according to "hits or missed" message schemes will be sent to people with little or no targeting, which creates a correlation with questionable feelings between autonomous advertising indicators and investment efficiency. This will coincide with other factors, which will contribute to very low conversion rates. Most advertising campaigns will be sent to those who do not care about the product or whose care will allow them to focus on something else. This inefficient action, called offline and online advertising, will have a negative impact on the overall provision of services, which more and more companies must pay to intermediaries such as Google or Facebook,
To solve the above problem, BitClave provides a solution in which BitClaveakan offers a mediator with exceptions and interactions that are facilitated by the network itself. And to pay intermediaries, the company will automatically offer personalized services directly to consumers who have chosen their services.
Consumers control their own data and capabilities through advertising analytics and reseller services using smart contracts, it not only ensures that companies offer their audience, surpassing the tendency to view them and interact with their offerings, and allow consumers to earn money to view their advertising campaign. The system also provides privacy with more extensive services for users. Free services, such as Google and Facebook, often sell user data with an active search ecosystem, you do not need to worry anymore, because BitClave provides services to companies selling their ads to users first-hand.
Currently, the chain of sellers, consumer intermediaries, loses the market with a ratio of advertising market, the cost of which about 500 billion dollars is simply fragmented. Profiles of companies often face intermediaries in the advertising world. A dominant advertising company such as Google, Amazon and Facebook, eliminating excessive commissions for corporate users, does not guarantee that they are advertised to be converted into sales or even traffic, it will be real, almost half of all advertising traffic is generated by a bot, it is by essentially violates advertising rules. The more companies pay for advertising, the more consumers will have to pay for goods.
The growth and development of the Internet accelerates advertising, and also changes people's reaction to advertising. Media for advertising has long been more effective, but the main function of advertising is to create suitable relationships between people and services, including search, social networks and media. Although they are distinguished by customer service and revolutionaries in the crystallization of large-scale knowledge and highly productive technologies. Developed by Yahoo with social graphs that follow a very similar business model. This time Bitclave claims that the intermediate advertising model is not only redundant, but also supported by the termination of business value.
BitClave has a block-based system known as BASE (the BitClave activity search ecosystem). BASE collects large amounts of data on the activity of clients, accumulates several authentication points. Approval points are the activity of customers in the purchase template or in the activities through which it passed. Further, this block of information is sent to the chain of blocks. Specific groups are authorized to group some data into one client. Customers control this data using block chains and intellectual contracts.
BitClave uses a token known as CAT, which is used as a useful token for all actions based on all known Ethereum.
This gives more motivation and trust to the client, and the manufacturer's reward will be given to the client to get familiar with the progress in the form of CAT tokens, which, in turn, can be used to complete the purchase.
Customers will also receive rewards to share their personal data with manufacturers. 
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