ICO   Signals Network review

ICO  Signals Network  - https://signals.network/

Speculations on crypto-currencies are engaged by everyone who is not lazy, but many do it extremely unprofessional. The Signals Network project allows users to access various tools — from technical analysis to deep machine learning. We do not recommend buying tokens for investment purposes, but definitely worth buying in order to gain access to the company’s services!
The Signals Network platform allows any user to feel the benefits of trading tools — from methods of technical analysis to deep machine learning. With the help of a convenient and friendly interface, a novice trader can compose his own trading strategy, test it on historical data and optimize with the help of built-in algorithms.
The Signals system is built in such a way that even a person who is not familiar with programming can use it — everyone can easily configure the robot and use it for trading. Also, each user can share his trading strategy with other traders, which allows creating a kind of market place by trade robots. Despite the fact that similar projects already exist, Signals Network stands out due to its user-friendly approach.
The project is very good, it has good prospects. But, in our opinion, you can wait for the end of ICO and buy tokens on the stock exchange. We strongly recommend using the platform! Rating: 7/10.
Conclusions :
  • The business model is working, there are clear advantages over competitors (+2)
  • The team has some experience in data analysis and trading (+1)
  • The ICO structure looks a little opaque, since almost 50% of the tokens are distributed among researchers, partners or reserved. Nevertheless, the remuneration of the team and scientists looks reasonable enough, since the project requires the development of complex predictive models. There is no cost structure. (+1)
  • Whitepaper does not disclose some important points, for example — team (+1)
  • Employees of the company respond quickly to the main channels (+2)
Structure of ICO:
  • 50% — sale within ICO
  • 20% — reserved for researchers and data scientists
  • 18% — reserve of the company
  • 10% — advisors / partners
  • 2% bounty
The beginning of Presale — November 22
End of the Presale — December 22 (8 hours sold 40% of the tokens!)
The beginning of ICO — no later than 4 weeks after the end of Presale
End of ICO — 6 weeks, after the start of ICO
Soft cap — $ 2 million
Hard cap — $ 24.5 million