(Bounty review) ICO NITRO: expanding the capabilities of video game

ICO NITRO: expanding the capabilities of video games https://www.nitro.live/

NITRO Bounty Program

The total NITRO bounty program pool will amount to 1.5% of all tokens sold during the pre-sale and crowdsale, maximum of 900,000 NOX token to be distributed (~US$300,000)
Please visit our Bitcointalk Bounty Thread for more details.

NITRO bounty program will be allocated as below:

Social media campaign
Signature campaign
Translation campaign
Blog campaign
**If we get less than 50 participants in any campaign until the end of crowd sale, we'll reduce funds to half of the respective campaign, except Meetup campaign**

NITRO Rewards and Payment System

  1. All eligible bounty program participants will be rewards in NOX tokens only
  2. The bounty program’s results and token distribution will be calculated and distributed within two weeks after the end of NITRO’s crowdsale period
  3. NITRO team reserves the rights to make any changes to the bounty program structure and distribution date

NITRO Support

Nitro Team preferred communication channel will be through Telegram.
Telegram channel will be the primary channel to disseminate all official updates and announcements to all participants in our bounty program.
Only approved participants will be invited to our telegram channel via email invitations. Participants are to check the telegram channels regularly for the latest updates and announcements.

NITRO Bounty Details

Rewards will be calculated and distributed proportionally according to Proof of Stakes
NOX is a platform-specific token generated using ETHEREUM (standard ERC20 protocol), designed as a crypto currency to be used in the Nitro system. It will serve as the central and main component for managing the economy of nitro. But it should be noted that the characteristics and attributes of NOX can be changed over time. All operations in Nitro are supported and executed using NOX tokens that can be bought or sold only for use on the Nitro platform with certain conditions and conditions, and both parties must comply with them when exchanging these tokens and continuing their activities on the Nitro platform. Buyers should check the legalization of tokens in their countries in accordance with the current regulations and provisions of certain specific countries, including America, China and Japan.
Tokens allow their owners to participate in the voting system to vote for their favorite video game, they believe that they have a huge potential for success in the main market, which will be funded by the Nitro platform. NOX tokens can be exchanged for a sub-token system Nitro, Nitro Dollar (abbreviated NOD). This sub-token can then be exchanged for the US dollar, since 1NOD is equal to 1 US dollar. NOD facilitates trading (purchase or sale) in the Nitro system and serves as a currency in the game for receiving services and articles. Gamers are independent to decide at what stage they will exchange NOX or NOD. Moreover, NOX owners have the advantage of getting a reward for participating in our system. Rewards attract more participants for participation and are given at different times depending on the prosperous Nitro economy for the maximum growth.
However, ownership of NOX does not reflect any securities of a loan or debt, as buyers will not have any right to demand from Nitro's financial assets. Nitro will not give any guarantees regarding the future value of NOX tokens, including payments. NOX may not even have any value in the future. Using the Nitro system and NOX tokens benefits two important components of Game Studios & Gamers in several ways, listed below.
Game studios: small scaled Potential video game studios have a lack of funds, as limited access or access to markets with an open market due to limited financial resources. Nitro provides them with sufficient funding to develop potential video games, approved after internal voting by Nitro users. This helps these studios work better and identify the best and innovative gaming opportunities for gamers. Funded games will be required to share some of their earned income with Nitro so that Nitro can reuse this funding to fund other gaming studios. Funding is not only spent on game development, but is also used for marketing purposes (https://www.nitro.live/how-it-works.html).
Gamers: Gamers have the freedom to view the entire development process along with the possibilities of participating in the system. Not only viewing possibilities, but also gamers attract more thanks to the Nitro reward system. A reward-based system provides a stable system savings, as more users join it.
Technical documentation: https://www.nitro.live/whitepaper.html