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ICO Change The Crypto Bank OF The Future

Change-Bank https://change-coin.com
Hello every one, today we gonna take a look on the ICO Change Coin. It is decentralize crypto bank that build in ethereum smart contract a ERC20 standard. Change Coin is the first global crypto bank, a new creative business model in banking industry that quickly fill the gap in financial connecting financial and technology FinTech.
As a global crypto bank, Change Coin has a mobile application starts with the Know Your Customer (KYC) platform. That on-board users anywhere in the world record time with out asking necessary information. They have also payment card, Change Card allowing users spend their cryptocurrency in millions of online and offline worldwide.
For more info you can visit: https://change-coin.com
The vision of Change Coin is beyond cryptocurrency payment, it means the create Change Coin not just as a payment , not like other crypto token that exist to day that the made it just to pay services or any thing that you can buy online or offline. Change Coin creates a Market Place where you can invest your crypto in stocks, P2P loans, real states or anything else you can imagine.
Benefits of Change Coin
Any time user spend online or offline he will received rebates 0.05% in a form of Change Coin, Rebate will double of the user will use Change Coin in payment.
Using the market place Third Party Service Provider (TPSP's) shares of 20% of their revenues . It will be distributed between the Market Place Investor and holders of Change Coin with 1:5 ratio 16.67% going to Market Place Investor and 83.33% distribute to Change Coin holder.
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Ethereum : 0xb101dC14C6012D4faC2025a8f1Cdd4Daf1D9F154