Enigma Catalyst - Build Your Own Crypto Hedge Fund - Token Sale Aug 21

Enigma Catalyst - Build Your Own Crypto Hedge Fund - Token Sale Aug 21

Token Sale: August 21, 2017

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An Introduction to Enigma Catalyst

Catalyst is a platform for crypto-focused traders, data curators, and investors.
It is a platform that empowers anyone to build their own crypto hedge fund and participate in the coming Renaissance of the financial ecosystem. Our vision is to enable developers to build winning investment strategies, a strong track record and attract investment from community investors. Catalyst is a playground where developers, quants, and experienced traders can easily build, simulate, and eventually live trade cryptocurrencies using sophisticated programmatic strategies. Regular investors can then invest directly in winning strategies through our system. With this, we’re hoping to make smart-investing in this new emerging asset class accessible to everyone.

Over the past decade, data has become the most valuable digital asset. Some of the largest companies in existence base their core operations, not to mention revenue, on the consumption and analysis of massive data sets. Companies like Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters have built an empire of companies around data aggregation: the two companies have combined revenue of more than USD20 billion.

There are numerous very successful companies that are built on monetizing data their customers produce. In the financial realm, Yoddle and Plaid are great examples. Elsewhere there are location-data driven companies like Foursquare, not to mention tech giants Facebook and Google, which primarily collect and monetize data.

But, despite its significant role in our economy, data remains consolidated in the hands of a few large organizations. For anyone but those entities, it is not fungible or tradeable.

With the introduction of the Enigma whitepaper back in 2015 (at the time, a research project at MIT), we’ve set a single goal to break down data silos and enable data sharing. We believe that to achieve this goal, a single, open-source protocol for a decentralized data marketplace needs to exist, where data can be openly exchanged in return for incentives.

We are not alone in this belief — within a couple of months our whitepaper has been downloaded more than 100,000 times, earning it press coverage in esteemed news outlets. Further, we are fortunate to have some of the best VCs in the world supporting us in achieving this vision, including Floodgate (early investors in Lyft, Okta), Flybridge (early investors in MongoDB), Digital Currency Group and Pantera (top investors in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies space).

This is a lofty goal, one that will take years to fully materialize. But if done right, here is what we could achieve:

More open data will be available for research.
More people and organizations will reap the benefits of selling and controlling their data.
Data’s value would become explicit, as opposed to implicit (which is the case today).
Data sharing could be revolutionized in the same way Bitcoin has revolutionized payments.


We are a team of MIT graduates, advised by professionals with decades of experience in the finance, technology, and trading industries.


The ECAT Token - Catalyst's native token

We believe that to be successful, native tokens should have real utility — you should never create a token just because you can, and you should not invest in any token whose purpose you can’t understand. It is important to us and to our community that ECAT serve a critical and transparent purpose for all stakeholders.
Most generally, Catalyst tokens are used to reward creation by and for the community (e.g. trading strategies, data sources) and are consumed when community members access premium services on the platform.

Right now we are focusing on the following token dynamics:

Primary: ECAT is used to access  data sources on the de-centralized Enigma Catalyst Data Marketplace. Payment is on subscription level.

Secondary: ECAT tokens are used for incentives to grow and ensure stability of the network. ECAT tokens are used to create demand in the data marketplace: Reward tokens are provided to quants with winning strategies. This incentivizes more quants to come on the platform and consume data to refine their strategies and gain an edge.

The ECAT Token Sale

Our token sale will take place beginning on August 21. Please read more here: https://blog.enigma.co/announcing-enigma-catalysts-token-sale-9c699cd5c72a

Token Distribution:

We are creating a fixed supply of one hundred million (100M) tokens, to be allocated as follows:
  • 50% to be made available in the initial token sale (to be used only for operations)
  • 25% retained as incentives for the Catalyst community
  • 25% retained by Enigma

Use of funds:

Funds raised through the token sale will be used as follows:
  • 60% for product and technology development
  • 15% for blockchain research
  • 10% for operations
  • 10% for marketing purposes
  • 5% for legal and administrative costs

Mechanics of Sale:

Our primary goal for the sale is to have a wide distribution of ECAT tokens. After studying many successful token sales, we saw that having a wide distribution of tokens is key to a cohesive community and to the long term success of the project.

We are considering a tiered sale approach that was first introduced by our friends at Civic to make sure everyone who wants to contribute in our token sale gets a chance. Exact details on the tiers will be released closer to the token sale date. ECAT token sale will only accept Ether and participants will need to create an ERC-20 compliant wallet. MyEtherWallet (web wallet) and desktop wallets such as Parity, Mist can be used to receive ERC20 compliance ECAT tokens after the token sale. No lock-up period will be required for the tokens after the sale.


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