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The Uservice project is a single global decentralized blockchain platform for car maintenance. The Uservice platform is based on Ethereum blockchain and, through smart contracts, is able to provide transparency in the automotive industry, allowing you to register any transaction and operation of vehicles on a distributed registry basis. All operations will be open, controlled and safe, which will create maximum convenience for car owners and other interested parties.
According to the developers of the platform, with the help of blocking technology Uservice will become the most massive store of information in the automotive industry, uniting all the participants in the automotive sphere, namely car owners, insurance companies, banks, car service centers, auto parts distributors,
In particular, car owners with the help of the Uservice platform will be able to find the corresponding service stations, receive discounts for careful handling of the car, and also order components directly from suppliers.
Service stations using Uservice will be able to increase the number of customers without investing in expensive advertising, and also receive significant discounts as a result of direct access to equipment manufacturers.
In turn, manufacturers of auto equipment will be able to analyze the operation of vehicle operation, identify the most frequent breakdowns and make timely adjustments at the stage of car production.
For potential buyers, the advantage is the opportunity to order a car directly from the manufacturers, and also to track the complete history when buying a used car.
Along with this, the use of the service by insurance companies will allow them to form a transparent pricing policy on the basis of an analysis of car repairs. Manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts based on access to the UService system will be able to substantially increase the customer base and adjust the volume of requirements for components without any investments.
The current scheme of interaction is as follows — the car owner leaves an application for repair or maintenance of the car, which receives offers from registered car repairers in the system. With the help of a system of reviews and ratings, the car owner can choose the most preferable option, incl. by preliminary communication with the auto-workers.
The openness provided by the “Uservice” blockbuster platform will allow developing fair competition among the car-care centers, which will enable car owners to save considerably on car repairs. the spread of prices for the same repair work may differ by an order of magnitude. In addition, Uservice cooperates not only with private and network service stations, but also with official dealers, which makes it possible to assess the convenience of service to the owners of warranty cars.
If we talk about the prospects for the project, the most significant argument is the rapid growth of the Uremont portal: new auto centers are constantly connected, the number of applications from motorists is steadily growing — people are more and more entering the taste: it is convenient and quick to choose high-quality and profitable car repair, to pass maintenance. Currently, 11,344 service stations operate on the basis of Uremont.com, the client base is over 317 thousand people.
The general director of UService is Alexander Korotkov. The founders of the project include the multiple world champion in kick-boxing among professionals Batu Hasikov,
the chairman of the Commission for the Support of Youth Initiatives of the Russian Federation Sangadzhi Tarbayev, one of the consultants of the project is the first Russian participant of the Formula 1 race Vitaly Petrov, the speakers are the businessman Kamil Hajiyev and the outstanding hockey player Evgeni Malkin.
During the period of its operation, Uremont.com attracted 10 million dollars of investment, successfully passed testing and competition in the launching markets, becoming the largest aggregator of car-care centers in Europe, and is currently in the stage of readiness for global scale and explosive growth at the global level in the framework of the UService project.
So, since November 20 this year. The platform provides for the initial placement of tokens (ICO), with a view to raising funds in the amount of 300,000 ETH (over $ 205 million). The minimum collection threshold is 3,000 ETH (about 2 million US dollars). A total of 1 billion UService (UST) tokens, worth 0.0005 ETH each, were issued.
In 2018, the project is planned to enter the markets of North America, in 2019 — China.
“In the near future UService will become as indispensable as a mobile phone, without which now the life of a modern person is simply impossible,” Uremont.com experts are sure.
What is Uservice?
Uservice (UST) is a worldwide decentralized blockchain stage for automotive businesses that are planning to join together and allow all industry players to communicate in the solitary stage of UREMONT, Russia’s automotive repair and service personnel. As an important aggregator of European car service stations, UREMONT has handled nearly 300,000 auto repairs requiring nearly 11,000 car allowances focused on the stage.
Currently, there is no single stage for all car industry players. There is no clarity due to insufficient data when trying to buy or offer a car, which means it is difficult to make a highly educated target choice. Furthermore, apart from a large number of sensors, there is no proper instrument for collecting and checking information.
As drivers, merchant insurance agents, car benefit stations, automated meetings and advanced supplier interfaces integrated with the framework that offers their services, this adds to Usstrice’s blockstrain estimate. By removing the entire history of a car permanently in blockchain, Uservice intends to produce automated data aggregators in the car business clearly.
Decentralization of automatic benefit operation permits :
Automatic owners to quickly find the focus of automated benefits accessible at a moderate cost, get a rebate from an insurance agent and solicit parts from the manufacturer directly.
Automated benefit stations to follow a decent workflow without limited time promotions, search for and get the best price from the manufacturer
Potential buyers to directly purchase from the manufacturer without experiencing a merchant and get a complete history of the car and any maintenance and service operations carried out in the car during the procurement season
The insurance agent frames the appropriate evaluation arrangements because the car owner’s share reflects on the periodic checks of automatic support
Manufacturers and spare parts inventory to take advantage of a detailed investigation to represent the volume of generations and parts needed and grow the channel of agreement without being promoted
There are two tokens on stage Uservice, UST and USX, with a USX token that will be driven in 2019.
UST tokens can be used to influence installments within the Uservice group, to get automatic records, check the authenticity of the extra sections, buy expository data in bigdata stage, buy media situations on stage.
We represent Uservice, a new approach in the automotive industry based on a decentralized platform with equal opportunities and a closed economy within the system. Uremont.com will be the basis of Uservice’s new blockchain platform.
This platform will connect all car industry representatives Car
owners, insurance companies, banks, car service centers, spare parts distributors and many others will be interested in joining our platform to expand their sales channels, increasing the profitability and efficiency of the services provided.
Blockchain technology Keeps track of
every transaction in the ecosystem instantly. In a matter of a few minutes, you can choose, coordinate and pay for shop services, etc. from anywhere in the world.
Distributed Database
Saving the entire history of cars on the blockchain platform will make Uservice a leading information aggregator throughout the car industry.
1Q — 2Q 2017
3Q 2017
4Q 2017
Сreating concept from uremont.com
All stages of the project completed (from prototype to alpha version and beta version of this service)
Launch uremont.com project in Eastern Europe market
distribution of funds will depend on the number of UST tokens sold. Some fixed costs will be used for system development. The remaining funds will be spent on marketing and international expansion
Team Uservice
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