INS Ecosystem ICO Review

INS Ecosystem ICO Review -

INS Ecosystem - is being done to help consumers and suppliers have direct access to each other. Grocery is controlled by retailers, which raise producer prices by 30-50%. Manufacturers should be optimized for the retail supply chain, but never for quality.
This is a rather big problem for all producers, which can be easily solved with the help of the INS ecosystem. INS uses a system for connecting consumers and producers of groceries. This simple system has a productivity and has many advantages for both consumers and manufacturers. You get cheap goods, the manufacturer sells its product directly to all consumers and receives feedback. Leading companies such as Unilever, Unilever Food Solutions, Reckitt Benckiser, Valio, Mars and many others have already confirmed their interest. INS violates the largest consumer retail market in the world. The food industry is something that never ends, countries continue to spend a lot of resources on food, as a result of the world market volume in 2020 will be 8.5 trillion dollars.
Purchase of INS tokens
If you are interested in how to buy INS tokens, you should follow the instructions. First, you must create an account in tokensale. it's very simple, just register and make a deposit. After depositing funds into your account, you can buy INS tokens using ETH, LTC, DASH and BTC. To make it convenient for you, there is a calculator, you can note the number of INS tokens that you would like to buy, and he will calculate the amount necessary for your wallet for you. After that you will need to purchase the required number of INS tokens with deposited funds. When there are funds in your account, correct how exactly you want to make a payment and how many tokens you want to purchase. You made!
The INS initiative will be the first global decentralized food market, where
consumers can buy products directly from producers using low transparent prices.
Manufacturers compete for consumers and directly interact with them.
Customer offer - INS vs. Retail
INS Ecosystem Limited, registered as BVI ("INS"), is the official person who creates
INS tokens, platforms and technologies. INS is focused on the production of cryptographic code using
open source technologies that allow working in the INS ecosystem.
For the avoidance of doubt, INS tokens do not provide holders of tokens with any property or
other interest in INS. Owners of counters do not have the right to any guaranteed form of dividends,
income distribution and voting rights.
To become a member of the ecosystem, the user creates an account on the INS platform. During
registration, the system will create a user profile and a wallet. To each participant
an ecosystem will be provided with a wallet that stores all data in a decentralized database
and interacts with other parties using intellectual contracts. We plan to place the INS token on
cryptographic exchanges of tokens, giving them the opportunity to openly buy them (residents of the
country where the purchase of digital tokens does not violate local laws).
The ecosystem will be built in accordance with a scalable and decentralized approach that will
ensure stability and sustainability in the long term.
The ecosystem will include the following participants who will participate, as shown in the
following diagram:
● Platform
● Consumers
● Producers
● Implementation (operators and staff of the implementation center, couriers)
The founders of the INS ecosystem are Dmitry Zhulin and Petr Federchenkov. Dmitry is an experienced specialist in finance and private capital. His focus is on retail. Peter has quite impressive technical experience and teaches a class in retail trade at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. Mo Levin is the advisory board of the INS ecosystem. He is a young and talented investor and adviser, who gathers people and financial institutions, even governments, to create powerful platforms and ecosystems. There are many leading experts in INS, such as Eyal Hertzog (co-founder, Bancor), Michael Terpin (founder, chairman of PR Transform and Bit Angles), David Waxman (founder, Wachsman PR), Dr. Ravi Abdelal (professor, Harvard Business School ), Dmitry Filatov (founder, ICORating),
In order to become a member of the ecosystem, the user must create an account on the INS platform.
During registration, the system will create a profile and a wallet. In the wallet all data in the decentralized database will be stored. It is worth noting that the user data will initially be processed centrally on the INS platform, so that the user would be able to provide feedback.
Later, the data will be decentralized to ensure confidentiality. All smart contracts are limited in their ability to read data outside the blockchain.
The order status report will automatically generate during the execution. Each participant will have a secret key to his account, he is securely encrypted and stored in a purse. The statuses are reflected in the chain, this data is available to other participants.
More detailed information you can find in these sources:
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