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PCORN is an adult entertainment platform build with the best software technologies and practices. Now there are two live adult services running on PCORN platform:  PORNCORN.VIDEO video 

site  PCORN mobile app for Android Hundreds of thousands of people have already used PORNCORN video streaming site and installed PCORN mobile application. We are planning to increase dramatically the quantity of people who visit and constantly use web site and mobile app. We plan to build new services on PCORN platform and expand it to the multifaceted adult entertainment portal. More details of such plans you can see in Roadmap. It is not a secret, that adult entertainment industry was technology thruster many times in history. If you remember VHS video tapes, video streaming itself, High-definition videos, Blue-Ray disks, or even latest VR (Virtual Reality) and 360 Videos. Each of these technologies were pioneered by adult industry. Now, for the first time in adult industry, we will integrate platform and all its services with Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency! Such integration will solve old problems of adult content users: Security, Confidentiality, Privacy, as well as Stability and Non-breakability. We are the team of professionals, skilled in developing large software systems and joined under same vision. We always reach targets and deliver products of the highest quality.


We will develop and deploy all the functions and services, which are provided in our Roadmap. We will deploy a wide range of services, as well as new and unusual adult entertainment services. Our team will be expanded with the best professionals, as we believe that staff is crucial and people make all the difference

Our product is already live!

PCRON platform is already build and launched in operation. The platform allows launching different adult entertainment services. We have already invested in platform development and its operation hundreds thousands of USD. The current valuation of PCORN platform and its infrastructure is about 2 000 000 USD. The following services are already successfully operating live: PORNCORN.VIDEO web site Live since May, 2016. Hundreds thousands people are already using this web site PORNCORN Android App Live since December, 2016. Currently there are over 20 000 installations at Android smartphones worldwide PORNCORN Telegram Bot Today there are about 30 000 users ( PCORN is the real project, with the real team, the real IT infrastructure, live product, the real people using its services, and the real Roadmap purported in building it bigger and larger!

Roadmap (Project Timeline)

Our PCORN project started in 2015, when three friends, bored from working for big companies and tired from its corporate cultures, decided to look around and see where in other industries their good experience can be applied. Funny talks turned to adult industry. After analyzing existing adult entertainment market, the team decided to build new advanced powerful platform for adult services… And that’s how PCORN platform development has begun. Later two services were launched in PCORN platform: adult video streaming web site PORNCORN.VIDEO and PORNCRON Android mobile application for adults. Now we are launching this crowdfunding by selling out limited quantity of PCC coins. These funds will be used worldwide for building and launching the new services, described in the Roadmap below, as well as promote PCC coin (token) widely and ensure its practical usage, as well as free trading at multiple exchanges.

PCC tokens allocation

 60% PCC tokens (max 600,000,000 tokens) — for public purchase during ICO
 10% PCC tokens (max 100,000,000 tokens) — for Partners and Advisors 
25% PCC tokens (max 250,000,000 tokens) — are allocated for PornCorn Owners and Team options and future project developments. 
5% PCC tokens (max 50,000,000 tokens) — are reserved and to be used later for product advertising and promotion during 24 months after the ICO.

How investors can use tokens. Practical usage of PCC tokens

1) You can sell and buy PCC tokens on exchanges. Tokens free circulation

Within one month after finishing ICO, PCC token will be listed at least on 6 online exchanges for free market circulation, including exchanges with good reputation in China and Europe.

2) You can pay any of PornCorn services with substantial discounts

All holders of PCC tokens will be able to pay for PornCorn subscriptions and services at PornCorn WEB site and mobile application (Apple iOS and Android) with exclusive discounts from 30% to 60% (!!!) comparing to regular PornCorn service prices in any other fiat currencies (USD, RMB, EUR, etc.) and crypto currencies (BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, etc.). You will be able to buy PREMIUM high-quality adult content, to buy rare content and to purchase different types of subscriptions to adult content. Payments with PCC tokens would be available as soon as PornCorn platform integration with Blockchain technology is completed. PornCorn team guarantee acceptance of tokens for payments for PornCorn services.

3) You can buy goods in PornCorn shop

PornCorn is preparing to open online shop for exclusive adult goods. The goods will contain special design T-shorts, exclusive adult toys, sexy lingerie and adult souvenirs. You can buy all these amazing goods with PCC tokens and from 20% to 50% discount to regular price. This would be available as soon as PornCorn platform integration with Blockchain technology and online PornCorn shop is launched

4) You can sell tokens back to PornCorn later, with good premium to initial price

PornCorn will start buyout program in 12 months after the PornCorn product is launched. The amount of the PCC tokens buyout program, the price, other terms and conditions should be determined by the Board of Directors of Corn Entertainment Ltd. The buyout initial price will be not less than nominated initial price 0.0002 ETH per one PCC token plus a premium fee to this price.

5) You can earn PCC tokens by publishing quality content to PornCorn web site

PornCorn allows users to upload its own videos and content to the PornCorn web site. You can upload your quality content, and earn more PCC tokens from each upload after content is validated by our administrators. This will be available after PornCorn platform integration with Blockchain technology.

6) Attend special private events for PCC in different cities

PornCorn is going to organize special private events and parties for large holders of PCC tokens. These special private events to be focused on adult entertainment and will be held in different cities and places. The participation conditions will be announced after the ICO completion

General information about PCC coin (tokens)

Scheduled usage of funds raised by PornCorn by ICO The funds obtained during ICO will be used as following:

PCC coin ICO sale dates

Start: September 20th — Sale Open! End: November 20th, 2017
ICO Hard Cap: 95,000 ETH

Invest NOW


The details are as follows
15% — Facebook
15% — Twitter
25% — Signature campaign at Bitcointalk
25% — Blogs and Media
20% — Transaltion and Moderation at Bitcointalk
Bounty campaign consists of 5 categories. Each one has its own weight (Facebook — 15%, Twitter 15%, signature campaign at bitcointalk — 25%, blogs and mass media — 25%, translation and moderation at bitcointalk — 20%).
The reward for the entire bounty campaign is equal to 2% PCC tokens of the total number of tokens sold and distributed during the ICO. Carrying out the task, the member receives stakes, which are being summarized for each category. After finishing ICO, we will distribute PCC tokens on ETH wallets among all participants in accordance with the categories and steaks. The distribution of tokens to the wallets of participants will be done during the first [/pre]week after PCC ICO.


We have very strong team. The team members have wide experience in IT, Software development, Business development and Marketing.
Team members were actively involved in developing of large banking systems and system for mobile and fixed telecom operators. These systems were able to process hundreds of millions transactions per day with 99.999% high availability. Same experience our team brings to adult entertainment industry.
For large investors in PCC (from 350 ETH), when it is requred, we can arrange Skype-intervide with some of team members.

Legal and Others Terms

Our project is fully complied with requirements of US Federal Labeling and Record-Keeping Law, also known as 18 U.S.C. 2257. We comply and we will comply with the following regulations and labeling standards in industry:

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