Centra Tech ICO | Multi-Blockchain Worldwide Debit Card & Insured Wallet

Centra Tech
"Creating a World Connected to Cryptocurrency"

Website for full info: https://www.centra.tech
Blog Link: http://blog.centra.tech
White Paper: http:/wp.centra.tech [Draft Version 1.6 - Final Version will be released 7/25/17]
Token Sale: http:/ico.centra.tech 


Here at Centra Tech we have designed the worlds first multi-blockchain debit card that connects to a smart wallet that is safe, secure, and more importantly insured. Centra supports 8+ major cryptocurrencies currently which are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 Tokens, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Zcash, & Monero with more to come. We have designed our platform to create a global account solution for any whom lack banking resources. By offering our Centra Card we give our users the ability to spend their blockchain assets in real time all over the world as well as transfer, exchange, spend and receive all with 0% fees. This is made possible through our Currency Conversion Engine (CCE) Module which is the foundation of our products. 

Centra Tech is also launching a platform called Coin Bay (www.cBay.io) which will be the world's first Amazon style superstore that is designed to be cryptocurrency acceptable. There will be over 100,000 items on the cBay marketplace with more to come. Users can choose from electronics, clothing items, household goods and more with worldwide shipping. This Cryptocurrency Marketplace will allow vendors to list their products for sale on the platform to create a revenue stream as well that is secure. 

We are available in the United States and all over the world. Our current partnerships with Visa, MasterCard, and Banks gives us the ability to issue cards worldwide in our supported 100+ countries.

Centra Smart Wallet

The Centra Wallet App makes it easy for people to register for the Centra Debit Card, store their cryptocurrency assets, as well as control its functions, such as turning on or off  the card without the usual hassle involved with contacting the issuing banks, etc. Users will be able to send money in 5+ currencies to over 100+ countries without being charged fees. The end user experience is enhanced by eliminating the costs associated with interbank exchange rate fluctuations and excessive fees. All assets stored on Centra Wallets are safe, secure and insured from thefts and hackers. 

Centra Card

The Centra Card is a revolutionary product that will be available worldwide. During our intial coin offering we are making two limited edition cards available. To our first 300 contributors of 100+ ETH you will receive an all Metal EMV Centra Black Card. This card has increased benefits, limits, and programs. Our second tier level will be our limited edition Centra Gold card which will be available to our first 500 contributors of 30+ ETH. This card also has an enhanced rewards/limits program. 

Our signature card which is the Centra Blue Card will be available to all users. The Centra Blue card can be ordered right through the Centra Wallet app or issued as a Virtual Card.

Centra Token (CTR)
Starting 8/5/2017 to 10/5/2017

Initial Coin Offering Overview

Our Centra (CTR) Token will be available on August 5th, 2017 at 12:00am Eastern Standard Time (New York Time Zone).  Originally we were planning to launch at the end of July, however for technical reasons we have pushed it back to August 5th. We will be offering 68% of all CTR Tokens to be created for purchase in our crowd sale to the public. We will allocate 17% of all CTR Tokens created to distribution of bug bounty, business development, community projects, market expansion, and more. The remaining 15% will be distributed to Centra Techs founders, early investors, and employees as an incentive to create a long lasting mutual interest and dedication to the tokens and their prolonged value.

CTR Token Structure

There will be 100,000,000 CTR Tokens total. We are making 68,000,000 CTR Tokens available in our ICO beginning August 5th, 2017. The ICO will be available till October 10th, 2017 at 11:59PM EST unless the 68% of tokens are sold prior, in which case we will make an announcement ending our ICO period. In the event that we do not sell all 68% CTR Tokens, any unsold tokens will be burned and adjusted accordingly. 

During our Initial Coin Offering you can purchase CTR Tokens at a 1/400 ETH value. That means for every 1 ETH you will receive 400 CTR Tokens. We will accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies which will be converted into ETH at current values. 

During our ICO there will be a 48 hour period where users will get a 20% bonus, followed by a 10% Bonus on days 3-7, and finally a 5% bonus on days 8-14.

Centra Rewards Program
Centra Card & Token Holder Rewards

One of Centra Techs main missions were to create a true comprehensive rewards program that would be designed for the long term success of the Token and Product. We strive in our belief that we should share the benefits of our company and product to all whom participate. We offer 3 versions of our Centra Card and we have made partnerships with major companies, banks, and exchanges to make this into a reality. 

Centra Tech Team, Road Map, & Mission
Our team has been dedicated to bring our dreams into a reality. Meet some of our core components here:

Centra has planned strategic growth and strategies to the long term success of our products and token. We have disclosed some of our adventures below but not all for banking/confidential business reasons protecting our investors and parters. Non the less our goal remains the same to bring an ultimate debit card, wallet, marketplace, token and exchange to our users to create a world connected to cryptocurrency:

Centra Techs mission to create a world connected to cryptocurrency is here. Join our success story on a worldwide product that comes with many features and benefits. If you have any questions you can reach us at this post or get connected below to one of our social channels:

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