Cooperative Ownership Platform for Real Assets


Swarm Fund was built as a response to the tendency of finance to go into internal hype cycles that make the rich richer without delivering real value. Our governance-first model has been designed to bring $1 trillion in real assets into the blockchain world by creating a platform for regulatory engagement and a fully compliant legal container for highly profitable and scalable real assets. As with other highly successful network models like Visa, our infrastructure is fully accessible and entirely governed by its community members. We use a token based, stake-weighted, liquid democracy system to provide both an early adopter incentive and input into long-term decision making. This is augmented by a reputational system which helps streamline capital deployment and allow a fusion of human and artificial intelligence. We launch with multiple partner funds (distressed real estate, art, renewables, hedge funds) who have already deployed $100mm+ with 30+% IRR and team members who have built platforms that handle over $20B in transactions per month. Our market infrastructure allows funds to automate creation, fundraising, deployment, distribution, and reporting via a process language that is an enhancement of currently available smart contract technology.

The Swarm Fund team plans to help the crypto world grow to $1 trillion by bringing tokenized real-world assets through partner funds. The Swarm Fund team has managed $10B in portfolios and built platforms which handle $25B of monthly deal flow and already has several pre-selected funds which generate 30+% IRR through scalable models powered by artificial intelligence. Swarm token holders will govern the platform in which all of this will happen and receive additional tokens on the private blockchain. This will allow them to participate in all of the subfunds. This system is designed to be adaptable for full regulatory compliance in multiple jurisdictions. The corridor between the public and private blockchain tokens is additionally designed to be fully AML/KYC compliant and to follow the model of existing exchanges. Swarm is building technology bottom up which ensures successful execution of program instructions, including a logic programmingbased “state box” which use distributed state machines to ensure full-program execution, and an operational liquid democracy platform. Our technology and blockchain co-op model will likely also be useful for other industry verticals besides finance. People should participate if they believe in the value proposition of democratizing finance, collaborative ownership, high returns, and the soundness of both the team and technology.

Crypto Tokens Backed By Real Assets
Swarm Fund is creating a unique market infrastructure model that enables you to invest crypto assets into real assets, and deploy traditional capital into real markets in a new way. With Swarm’s infrastructure investors can create and operate asset-backed tokens and participate in composite of wealth creation.

Exponential Market Growth
Our Value Proposition

Crypto markets have hit $100B on the underlying potential of the platform technology. But what will bring these markets to over $1 trillion is the introduction of real assets and partners from the existing financial industry. Swarm has both the partners and team to deliver on this $1 trillion potential.

Swarm Platform Model

Layer 1: Swarm Core

The Core layer provides the foundational system components and smart contracts for Swarm use: network governance token management with consensus via liquid democracy, and a management interface. This also includes system replications of the preferred legal frameworks, reputational engine, decentralized collaboration, as well as foundational processes around security & data transparency. The Core layer’s framework allows for the creation and management of new projects. It is and always will be free and open to use.

Layer 2: Swarm Services The Swarm Services layer will offer additional

services on top of Swarm Core. These services are meant to make it extremely easy for any participants to build investment applications on top of Swarm and serve the marketplace in the most creative way. These services will include full-stack setup of vertical Swarm funds (via Special Purpose Vehicles, or SPVs), operating swarm syndicates, asset custodian services, and any automation of ongoing investment operations. More features will be introduced to best meet the requirements of the evolving marketplace. Application templates, customization tools, and advanced data processing capabilities will allow our users to execute their visions faster while lowering the barrier to entry for new investment applications to come to market. While applications and participants are welcome to interact with Swarm on the Core level, we will be offering Swarm Services to accelerate their go-to-market process and reduce operational costs. Swarm Services will be offered using a license-fee model.

Layer 3: Swarm Applications On the highest layer, on top of the Swarm

Services layer or directly operating on the Swarm Core, is the Swarm Applications layer. These applications are both front-end as well as in some cases application back-ends that are specific to target investment use cases and/or target segments.
Our vision for Swarm is to have a wide variety of investment applications built on the same platform technology and liquidity pool.
Some of these applications may be built by Swarm, while others will be built by third parties. Our vision for Swarm is to have a wide variety of investment applications built on the same platform technology and liquidity pool. These applications will likely charge additional fees or use alternative business models such as market making, information selling, or revenue/profit sharing. As further described in the following section, many of such Swarm applications may include the release of their own utility tokens as a core component of their business model.

Basic Structure Of Swarm

Swarm Token Distribution
We Share The Pie

Swarm has been a community from the very beginning, with a $1 million token sale that set in motion a whole new legal and governmental framework. Today those past contributors are joined by a new team that have pledged to take this from $1 million to $1 trillion worth of value. Every area of contribution is awarded equally.

Swarm is Better


Our core team is made up of the most qualified professionals with impressive experience. The Swarm team has managed billions of dollars of assets and built platforms that transact over $25 billion worth of deal flow each month.

More information here:

WEBSITE :https://swarm.fund/






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The Swarm.Fund Evangelists Bounty Program

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Swarm Token Sale Start Date: September 7th - 22nd

Standard Token Issuance: 100,000,000
Token Sale Target: 33,000,000 tokens up to $55m

Token Sale Reserve: 32,000,000 via additional minting process to reach max cap $255m

At Max Cap $255m is raised, 65,000,000 tokens sold while extending total issuance to 132,000,000 


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