🚀🚀 AVENTUS 🚀🚀- A Revolutionary Platform For Ticketing Industry


 A Revolutionary Platform For Ticketing Industry


Aventus: Fun of buying tickets
It’s a Blockchain based ticketing protocol to eliminate the present mal practices and inefficiencies of the ticketing industry. It also aims to give more control in the hands of the organizers in the primary market and help to increase the attendance of the audience and to increase customer loyalty. This will not only helps the organizer but to the fans as well who can enjoy the events at a much cheaper rates.
Aventus crowdsale begins , on the 6th of September. During the pre-sale Aventus team has managed to collect more than 27000 Ethereum (approx. $8 million at todays prices). You should hurry up, most probably tokens are going to be sold out during the first days of the ICO.
What is Aventus?
Aventus is a brand new blockchain-based platform and it will make the event ticket sales industry more transparent and easy to use.
Currently there are problems in this segment. For example, there are lots of resellers in this industry, they buy tickets in bulk and resell them at much higher prices on the secondary market. There are lots of counterfeit tickets too, and ticket selling platforms are not interested in solving such problems because their main goal is to sell as much tickets as possible.

The entertainment industry attracts a large number of fraudsters and criminal groups specializing in distributing fake tickets to events and bringing significant financial damage to both the entertainment industry itself and those who have bought fake tickets and have difficulty attending the selected event. The deal that follows is the responsibility of an event and the generation of ticket sales in the hands of the event organizer and ticket platform. As a result, it is difficult to raise awareness of an event and to give the public the attention it deserves.
Aventus will provide services to people interested in selling tickets, or people who want to buy tickets for some events and with Aventus they do not have to worry they have been cheated.

Aventus is a fair, secure and transparent solution associated with events based on block links, which almost eliminates fraudulent and unregulated advertising. Organizers can create, manage and promote their events and tickets for dramatically reduced platform costs, and can also establish control over prices and receive commissions from secondary market sales.
About Platform
 The main purpose of the Aventus platform created is to reform the existing ticketing system in the entertainment industry, decentralization, which allows promoters to sell tickets automatically using the developed platform. This allows the promoter to earn a fixed and practical commission excluding the possibility of speculative deals with tickets. In turn, a transparent ticketing scheme allows to expand the target audience interested in attending certain entertainment events at an affordable price.

 The “Aventus” platform uses “blockade” technology to perform various types of operations. It is quite reliable, it allows transparent transactions on ticket sales for various cultural events, and completely excludes fraud related to ticket fraud and their sale at speculative prices.
 To use the Aventus platform, users must create a digital wallet and obtain a token that will ensure the security of their information. Token is used to provide remote access to various types of information with the assurance of its protection against unauthorized access and perform functions to identify owners while working with information. Also, the token can be used as a password or as an application for passwords, for more reliable information protection. The most advanced token version also provides the cryptographic key storage function.
 The organizers can make tickets through the platform, determine and promote the price. It is also possible to set resale options. The other party can then sell tickets made by the event organizer. He decides what he wants to pay for the service. Aventus also wants to make it safe to sell used tickets.
Aventus Token

 In the Aventus project, the token will be released under the name AventCoin (AVT). The maximum public token is 10,000,000 AVT, and the minimum nominal value is 10,000 AVT = 1 AVT. If you want to participate in ICO Aventus, you must go through 3 stages:
1) Creation of “E-purse”. Users will be guided by the process of creating a new wallet, storing their secret key, opening their wallet and downloading their keystore files.
2) Air Purchase Participants are given the opportunity to select several exchanges, such as Kraken, Bitstamp and many more. Users will be guided by the account creation process, connect their mobile device, and then download valid identification, such as SIM, passport.
3) Sending air from your new wallet to the official address of Aventus ETH. Participants choose how they want to format their secret key. Then you must enter the official Aventus ETH address and confirm the transaction.
It is based on the Smart Ethereum contract that enables the creation and validation of events and the publishing and distribution of tickets in the primary and secondary markets.


There are 8 people in the team, with Alan Vey and Annika Monari as directors.

Annika Monari & Alan Vey

Entertainment industry veterans, investment managers, cryptocurrency researchers are listed as Aventus advisers.
You are invited to participate in the AVT token crowdsale. AVT tokens can be used in order to create various events on the platform. Also buyers will use these tokens to purchase tickets (ETH and other ERC20 tokens are accepted too). Users who resale tickets on the platform will pay all necessary fees in AVT. Tokens may be used as a security deposit too.
More information visit the site :
Website : https://aventus.io/